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Whangarei District Security Services

Whangarei District Security Services

Whangarei and its coastal haven has so much to offer anyone living or visiting the district. Seaside, surfing, snorkelling, or do what everyone in Whangarei does best, enjoy long walks and bush treks, and if you have time maybe even a kayaking trip. But what makes Whangarei such a pristine paradise is its sense of calm and security.

But truth be told, keeping the peace is both a community and enterprise effort made possible by the local council, its residents and a number of professional businesses. Among them is Northern Districts Security.

Why Security is Important in Whangarei?

The idea is simple, put a premium on security and everyone can enjoy a safe, secure and wonderful Whangarei.

We do our part to keep an eye on the Whangarei District.

At NDS Security Services, we understand the vital security issues that may impact the success of our local Whangarei community. We are in fact very committed in protecting businesses and the overall community.

You may have seen our many security teams working hard and long hours at business and public establishments (malls, shops, schools, banks, parks). We deploy security measures of all kinds that directly impacts the day-to-day activities in Whangarei. We have crowded spots that are crime-free, and any incidents causing disruptions to businesses are very minimal, this is due to our security patrols and security visibility around the Whangarei district.

When you employ a NDS security guard you can be assured of an authoritative and non-violent approach when dealing with suspicious individuals. The use of force and weaponry are least on our security team’s mind, as our security professionals are highly-trained in crisis management and de-escalation strategies. Their heightened awareness and observation training makes them very effective for field and site post duties in and around Whangarei.

Our Signature Security Move

Northern Districts Security always rises to the challenge.

We respond quickly to changing security situations by allotting proper resources, technology and manpower as required.

Security guards face many scenarios in Whangarei, but you can count on NDS to do their best and be on alert to stand by and assist on call.

What we do best:

Best Security Coverage for Whangarei Businesses

Northern Districts Security provides world class security service and our Whangarei security agency has many years of experience providing dependable and elite highly-trained security guards to a lot of key areas in Whangarei.  We’re proud to keep our hometown district safe. We cover many Whangarei areas from Bream Bay to Ruakaka to Kaipara and the Far North.

Our security presence is here to protect people, valuables, and business assets. Everything that is vital to any business. With our customer-centric approach, you can expect NDS security guards to give a warm, friendly and professional welcome every time someone visits a Whangarei business or facility.

If you’re visiting Whangarei for the stunning scenery know that you’re in safe hands with Northern Districts Security.

And if you’re a thriving local business in need of security, do get in touch with us. Your security needs can be very difficult to sort through on your own, call NDS the Whangarei expert in security, and let’s see what security best-practices we can implement effectively at your location. Don’t hesitate to call NDS 0800 114 632 or email us info@ndsecurity.co.nz



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