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Document Serving is Crucial

Having legal documents handed and served to the correct people or organizations is an essential part of the legal process. Such essential legal documents may be delivered in person, mailed, or faxed. That said, having all parties to a lawsuit receive notice of the proceedings and be given an opportunity to respond is what document service is all about.

Practical Benefits of Document Serving

There are many benefits to using a document serving company in Whangarei, including:

When you hire a professional document serving service, you gain access to a wide range of advantages, such as:

First of all, a document serving company such as Northern Districts Security can usually serve documents far faster than an individual can. This is due to the fact that unlike an individual, a business will have personnel and resources available specifically for serving legal documents.

Second, our document serving service is more likely to successfully deliver your documents than you are. This is so because a security organization such as ours have the experience and procedures in place to guarantee precision. Also, because our employees have received adequate training in proper document delivery.

When you hire us, you can trust that your documents will be delivered correctly and on time. Know that your mind can rest easier and you’ll be free to concentrate on other areas of your case once this is resolved.

Divorce Papers

Getting a divorce underway can be a very trying time for anyone. As soon as a petition for divorce is applied in court, a notice of divorce papers must follow suit. The spouse must be made aware that a formal petition to end the marriage has now been filed.

Ensuring delivery of divorce papers is a very complex and contentious matter, but with the right delivery process service, the matter can be handled well.

In many cases, some spouses for one reason or another do not want to be served legal divorce papers in New Zealand. They may not want the relationship to end or may simply want to avoid a court case altogether. They may resort to hiding and even outright refusing to accept any divorce documents. As Northern Districts Security has highly-trained process servers, we will do our best to ensure the other party is given due notice.

Northern Districts Security undertakes professional and fast process serving by locating spouses and whereabouts of other persons of interest. Deny it as they may, once served, we will be able to provide an affidavit of proof in court that the spouse has been notified and accepted the documents. We are aware of the laws in handling and process-serving legal documents, so we make sure they are properly followed.

When you call us at 09 430 3232, expect your enquiry to be treated with utmost confidentiality. We’ll assess your situation and get your papers served, so you can proceed with your divorce proceedings unhindered.

Trespass Notice

To trespass means a person has been found breaching a place they have no right to be in. If you have taken legal action against a person for unlawful entry or criminal trespass, that’s good enough reason to hire a process server to let the trespasser know you have decided to take them to court.

Choosing a reliable security service in Northland with a highly-trained set of process servers is crucial to get the trespass notice delivered to the intended recipient. After all, you may feel unsafe, or you may not want to escalate the situation further until you get to court.

This will also give the trespasser ample time to comply or leave your premises. Once they have been duly served the trespass notice, any attempt for them to intentionally return on the property will be considered an offence, and the police can arrest them. In New Zealand, a trespass notice is enforced for a period of 2 years.

Northern Districts Security can deliver the trespass notice for you. We are often a neutral presence between two parties, and we’ll get the document delivered properly and in accordance with the NZ laws.

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