Mobile Security Patrols

We provide fast-response mobile security patrols and perimeter protection for a wide range of sites.

With our Mobile Patrol, Key Holding and Alarm Response services you can be assured that all of our licensed Mobile Patrol Officers are fully trained and vetted.

One of our Mobile Patrol Officers will arrive at the site in a liveried patrol vehicle and carries out a pre-determined or random security patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary. He does this on a totally unpredictable basis, so that anyone who has an eye on your property won’t know when the next security patrol is going to be. There will also be signs placed at strategic points on the perimeter warning that the property is protected by Northern Districts Security, making potential intruders think twice.

You and Northern Districts Security decide the route. Small electronic clocking/location tokens are located at key points. As the Mobile Patrol Officer passes on a security patrol, he ‘beeps’ each token with a hand-held electronic unit. This makes sure he checks the pre-agreed areas, and gives a complete record of the timing of each patrol. This will give you total peace of mind that we are carrying out the security patrols to your exact specification.

Whangarei & NORTHLAND Mobile Security Patrols

Security guards with mobile patrol vehicles safeguard people and valuables in transit. They can respond quickly to situations and make their presence known, both of which serve to dissuade criminal activity.

Our mobile vehicle patrols are there to deter criminal activity before it happens. As a quick-response measure, our mobile security team will drive around your premises to conduct regular checks of the perimeter and check any other potentially susceptible areas.  Mobile patrols are essential since they can cover more ground faster and in less time. Furthermore, when you work with Northern Districts Security, we will set up a security plan for our mobile patrols that is tailored to your specific needs.

School Security

Safeguarding our pupils’ security at school is a top priority. Locked doors, ID badges, surveillance cameras and more importantly, security guards are all part of this system.

Office Security

Having security guards on site can reduce the likelihood of theft or other criminal activity by acting as a visible deterrent and swiftly responding to any incidents that do occur. Employees and clients will feel safer with security guards around, which will contribute to a more favorable work atmosphere.

Construction Security

Construction sites are an easy target due to the abundance of valuable tools and supplies. Investing in security personnel to prevent theft, vandalism, and other losses can end up saving money for your business.

Empty Property Inspections

The purpose of this is to ensure that an empty property can be reopened to the public in a safe and compliant manner. This not only benefits the health and safety of everyone in or around the building, but also minimizes the possibility of problems and the need for expensive repairs in the future.

Trust your Safety to the Most Qualified Mobile Patrol Protection Specialists in Whangarei & NORTHLAND

Maintain a secure environment for your company in Whangarei. From Northland to Wellsford and Kaitaia, Northern Districts Security provides the highest quality mobile security patrols in the area. NDS will safeguard your investment by guarding your property, resources, and most importantly, your people.

Contact us at Northern Districts Security to learn more about the mobile patrol security services we offer in Whangarei.