Alarm Monitoring

With our Alarm Monitoring Service, you can keep your business and residential assets safe.

As a property owner, you always want to know what’s happening in your home.

Are you in search of a comprehensive business security system to safeguard your customers, employees, information, and products? Take the uncertainty out of enterprise security with NDS monitoring and security solutions.

Feel secure with tailored commercial security solutions from NDS. Our customized and cost-effective options are suitable for organizations of any scale, addressing security concerns for a single office building to a multi-location enterprise network.

NDS offers complete coverage for all aspects of commercial security, incorporating cutting-edge technology and 24/7 monitoring services. Whether you require an integrated system or individual components, NDS has the perfect solution for you. With our advanced network of home and business automation products, you can trust that your property is protected and secure at all times.

Equipped with access control systems, wireless cameras, and fire warning systems, NDS assists organizations across New Zealand in fortifying themselves against theft and trespass.

The Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring System Service

These days, bolt-and-chain locks or guard dogs are not enough to secure your home. Protect your property at all times, particularly when you’re not there for the weekend or holidays, through our reliable security alarm monitoring service.

Home and business security is crucial.  With our alarm monitoring service, you can keep your business and residential assets safe:

Live and Active Protection 24/7 through a centrally-monitored alarm system supervised by a reliable security service.

Safety and hazard monitoring of the property

Faster response times during crisis or emergencies

Panic button options available for your peace of mind

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How Do Alarm Monitoring Systems Work?

As a trusted security company, Northern Districts Security will monitor your property and provide the necessary surveillance and call-to-action response.

In times of crisis, we will send out alerts to our team of security personnel nearby or dispatch a security mobile patrol unit in case of an emergency along with notifying police law enforcement.

We take alarm monitoring seriously and we will do the necessary property checks ‘post-alarm’- this is to make sure your property is secure and hazard-free, regardless whether it was a false alarm or an accidental trigger by a resident. We will be there to ensure your safety.

An Affordable Security Alternative

Our alarm monitoring systems are made affordable through subscription-based packages. Alarm Monitoring subscriptions are a small practical price to pay for round-the-clock security that’s keeping a watchful eye on your property – 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Northern Districts Security, have highly trained professionals responding to any alarm activation in Whangarei and Northland.

At Northern Districts Security our goal is to keep you out of harm’s way, and to ensure your property’s overall security needs are met.

Call Northern Districts today for any alarm monitoring questions you have in mind.

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