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CDL Facilities Management Group is 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated and is proud to be supporting businesses with our extensive portfolio of companies.

CDL Facilities Management Group is an integrated all-in-one provider of your facility management needs – including property maintenance, security, cleaning, building compliance, fire safety, record management. We also offer creative services including graphic design, web design, marketing, print, video and photography.

We are 100% New Zealand-owned and operated, with an exemplary track record of providing facilities management services to local authority, government departments and companies of all scales.

Since 2011, founder JP Dignon has expanded the CDL group of companies, and our professional teams. We continue to build our capability, growing with the needs of the organisations and regions we serve, delivering to the highest industry standards.


Fireco is dedicated to creating fire safety solutions that are specific to your business, home or school as a result we build a name that client can trust in New Zealand specially on Northland and Whangarei area.


When you need a cleaning service that takes cleaning to another level, CleanScape are the team to call. We believe that cleaning is an art form and we’re dedicated to cleaning in such a way that is transformed.

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CDL Records Management is a leading records management and storage company, helping New Zealand businesses meet their legal obligation to securely store documents, by providing effective data storage solutions.

We are Northland's Premier Security Services.

We take Security Seriously. Reach out to us today!