Whangarei - Bream bay / Ruakaka / Waipu

Whangarei's most experienced and well-trained security guards.

Whangarei is a district full of life and leisure. It has a rich cultural history with plenty of natural landscapes to enjoy. It is truly the best place to live and settle.

However, like any district in New Zealand, it has its fair share of security risks. It can be a serious problem for some businesses if it occurs.

Thieves often don’t look like thieves. They are not often dressed head-to-toe in black with gloves and sunglasses on. Sometimes they make their way in just by blending with a crowd and looking like everyone else. What sets them apart from the crowd are their intentions, and before you know it, things around your property are severely damaged and costly assets have gone missing. Thieves can quickly break in, windows, doors, and bolts are obstacles and not deterants – in their pursuits.

Know that the second you open up your doors to the public, you open up to the possibility of being a target in Whangarei. Theft not only harms your business profits, but disrupts your day-to-day operations.

Don’t let crime drain the money out of your Whangarei business! These criminal incidents can be prevented with the right security solutions.

If the thought of criminals breaking into your Whangarei property keeps you up at night – worry no more then!

You can rest easy when you know you have a reliable security guard service on watch 24/7. Northern Districts Security is the leading Whangarei and Northland security expert you can count on. We deploy the most stringent and effective security solutions for Whangarei companies.

Why Security is Important in Whangarei?

The idea is simple, put a premium on security and everyone can enjoy a safe, secure and wonderful Whangarei.

We do our part to keep an eye on the Whangarei District.

At NDS Security Services, we understand the vital security issues that may impact the success of our local Whangarei community. We are in fact very committed in protecting businesses and the overall community.

You may have seen our many security teams working hard and long hours at business and public establishments (malls, shops, schools, banks, parks). We deploy security measures of all kinds that directly impacts the day-to-day activities in Whangarei. We have crowded spots that are crime-free, and any incidents causing disruptions to businesses are very minimal, this is due to our security patrols and security visibility around the Whangarei district.

When you employ a NDS security guard you can be assured of an authoritative and non-violent approach when dealing with suspicious individuals. The use of force and weaponry are least on our security team’s mind, as our security professionals are highly-trained in crisis management and de-escalation strategies. Their heightened awareness and observation training makes them very effective for field and site post duties in and around Whangarei.

Why go for Northern Districts Security?

Over time lingering security issues can do enough damage to your business, you need to address it by hiring a professional Whangarei security guard agency to handle your security concerns. Don’t hesitate – Northern Districts Security can manage security issues for you. Our security guards are quick to respond to any active or immediate risk.

Check out our list of high-quality security services:

Remember not doing anything about your security concerns, will just add to the problem. In fact, having security guards around are not just a protective advantage for your business, but a cost-effective and efficient solution. 


Create a safe and welcoming Whangarei environment. Let us customise a security quote for you with specific rates tailored to your business needs. It’s worth a try!

Here at Northern Districts Security, we value your peace of mind. It’s all about making reasonable adjustments to your security without breaking the bank.