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We provide the best dependable security services in and around Whangarei.

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Security plays a large role in keeping your business operations safe.

Security plays a large role in keeping your business operations safe.

Threats can hit close to home. That’s why Northern Districts Security has wide area coverage when it comes to providing reliable and protective security services.

As a leading Northland security agency, we continue to grow and expand our reach. We provide the best dependable security services in and around Whangarei.

For your reference, take a look at all the districts that we cover:

Is your business falling behind due to security threats?

Make no mistake, the criminally-intentioned will be always be a persistent threat to local business. They will find ways to break into your property. Don’t be an easy target!

Northern Districts Security specialises in fully integrated security solutions from security monitoring to proactive security professionals on duty.

NDS is in the best position to protect every aspect of your Whangarei business. We work alongside our clients to manage their security concerns and know their security risks.

Through risk management and proper planning, we help them secure their premises and minimise losses. Having no disruptions to your business means accelerated business growth over time. That’s progress made possible through dependable security!

Northern Districts Security offers robust protection at affordable rates. Plus flexible billing and schedules for customised security plans. Call us to know more!

Here’s an overview of what happens once you call our NDS hotline. We make your company our priority!

Be Secure, Get Covered

Whether we’re securing a local enterprise or handling the protection of clients with multiple business locations, our security measures positively impact the way people do business. We make sure your customers and employees are safe from obvious threats and hidden dangers.

One quick call Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632 and we’ll have security guards and vehicle patrols up and ready to come on-site. We’re here to help your business succeed!

Let us be your preferred security partner in across all Northland districts.

We provide security for:

We face threats with confidence. As security experts, we de-escalate crisis situations with ease because our security teams are highly-trained and well-prepared to handle such situational challenges. This comes from years of experience in real-world scenarios across various industries.

Efficient 24/7 security is one call away!
Let’s talk about some of the questions you have about security. We can also help you improve your currents security measures so your business is well-protected and future-ready!

We are NORTHLAND's Premier Security Services.

We take Security Seriously. Reach out to us today!