City Safe Ambassadors

We are vigilant protectors who are always watching out for the good of the neighborhood.

The Whangarei City Safe Project - a leading example across New Zealand.

Successful Bylaws are often due to strong partnerships within the community, as such regulations are meant to benefit the place and the people. Collaborative approaches must always take shape among its very own movers and shakers, this is to make the community safe and less vulnerable to crime.

In Whangarei, the Citysafe program is implemented by the Whangarei District Council, the New Zealand Police and the Whangarei Chamber of Commerce. The goal is to have everyone in the community come together and do their part in keeping the community safe, and that can only be possible through shared resources, efficient real-time reporting and disseminating information.

For a long time now, Northland Security has been part of the City Safe initiative. We do our share in making Whangarei a safe environment by doing active foot patrols and mobile patrols throughout the week in day and night shifts.

 It’s all about making Whangarei safe through monitored and patrolled zones around core areas of the city such as the Central Business District, Town Basin and Hatea Loop Walkway just to name a few. Norther Districts Security has walked this path and with our every step, we have kept Whangarei protected and secure.

Northern Districts Security: A Reassuring Face you can Count on

On the subject of CitySafe, most Whangarei residents are familiar with our presence by now as Northern Districts Security maintains security visibility throughout crowded areas and even isolated walkways. You can count on our security specialists to do a great job in safeguarding everyday residents from students, shoppers, joggers and riders. Our priority is in keeping the public safe and enforcing public places by-laws. We are also on high alert for any breaches of the public place by-laws which we duly record on our logs. After monitoring trends and collating information on any wave of criminal activity, we take steps to offer safety suggestions for the public whenever they are out and about in community spaces.

The CitySafe model can greatly benefit other communities and serve the public well. So much of this knowledge can be put into action in other areas by utilising the skills and the hands-on expertise of Northern Districts Security.

Consulting with NDS can help achieve maximum impact among troubled neighborhoods by reducing and preventing criminal incidents. Whilst enforcing bylaw and keeping an eye out for anti-social behaviour is never an easy job, at Northern Districts Security, we take pride in taking the right steps to keep Whangarei secure.

We patrol the streets to keep the peace, and we collate this data from all our patrol experiences. Whatever encountered is logged and reported and becomes part of an essential study in citywide security. It can also serve as a field guide for future patrols and security enforcement, it is our way of helping enhance our current Citysafe bylaws.

Trust in Northern Districts Security, we do our part to make sure your town, city or district remain a strong, safe and resilient community.

If you want to know more how our patrol services can make your community safe by adapting the Citysafe bylaw model we’ve implemented firsthand, do get in touch with us so we can discuss this in detail at 09 430 3232 or email us at for a quote.

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Northland Security has always been an active participant in the City Safe program. We have roving teams of security guards on a strict watch.

We conduct day and night time patrols on foot and in vehicles, we contribute to making Whangarei a safe place to live.

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Northern Districts Security promises individualized care, with actual patrolling personnel who watch out for the best interests of the neighborhood.

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We do routine safety parrols around the Central Business District, Town Basin and Hatea Loop Walkway.

Count on Northern Districts Security to do our part in maintaining the health, safety, and resiliency of your town, city, or district.

Our job is to protect the peace by patrolling the streets, and we compile this information from our many trips out into the community. Everything that occurs is recorded and reported, and the data collected is used to improve citywide safety. As a bonus, it can be used as a reference for when security guards and patrols are needed in the future, which is how we plan to help improve the Citysafe regulations now in place.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about how our patrol services can make your town safer.