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Security plays a huge role in a business’ success. After all they are there to protect your biggest assets — people and property.

Unpredictable events can always occur, and they naturally put your staff and your business at risk. However, these threats and hazards can be mitigated by proactively hiring a dependable and take-charge team of Whangarei security guards, from the Whangarei’s locally owned professional – Northern Districts.

For your security guard needs and concerns, place your trust on Northern Districts Security.

Security is far more crucial today than ever before.

Protecting assets is a 24/7 job. The need for security doesn’t stop when you close your business doors for the day. Mobile security patrols can ensure your premises and valuables are safe at all hours, with dedicated rapid security responses within the Whangarei District.

Here in Whangarei, we provide essential security services throughout a multitude of business sectors. You can find NDS guards in offices, buildings, banks, retail shops, warehouses, industrial facilities, construction areas, local events, and public walkways.

In fact you probably see or are within proximity to a Northern Districts Whangarei Security Guard more often than you realise.

Whatever your industry – Whangarei Security Guards can help

No matter the size of your company or business industry, reliable security guards have a direct benefit that will help you sustain your operational routines without threat or disruption. Thus, giving your business more room for growth.

Without a doubt, what you have right now in terms of security measures in place, affect the work culture, productivity, and overall customer confidence of your company. Moreover, having great security for your Whangarei operations creates a positive and safe public image.

Northern Districts Security can work with you to create a better security structure and action plan with set goals in mind. We want you to feel a tangible and meaningful improvement in your security, where anyone visiting or working in your property feels safe and secure. 


Let us be an integral part of your daily operations. Do business in the Far North without worry or disruption when you have reputable and reliable security agency looking after you.


As a premier security agency in Whangarei Northern Districts Security can help you respond better to the daily demands of your business. Good security is also about problem-solving and anticipating potential threats. We can evaluate risks and help you identify weaknesses with your current security set-up.

We have a good handle on what makes good effective security. By having us, we can initially assess for risks, we can expose vulnerabilities and find the needed solutions to resolve these challenges. What we offer is strategic security solutions that can make all the difference.

We also custom-tailor security services to suit the many risk-concerns of Whangarei businesses. You may find our professional security services in the areas of Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North Districts.

Whangarei Event Security Guards

A safe event is a successful event. As event security professionals, we can enforce rules, manage crowds, and implement social and health protocols to make sure everyone is safe. Our visible presence can ensure the protection of your guests. Whether the venue is private or public, crowded or invite-only, we make sure your event goes smoothly as planned.

Security Patrols across Whangarei

Whether it’s a perimeter breach, on-site altercation, trespassing incident or an emerging emergency due a break in, nothing beats the fast response of security teams on wheels. You can depend on our highly-trained security patrol professionals to address suspicious activities and take the appropriate course of action. For security vehicle patrols in Whangarei, get in touch with us!

Static Security Guards

Keeping watch over your business, is our business. We specialise in location-specific security needs. It’s important to keep all your entryways and exits secure and well-guarded. Protect your property with our highly-skilled Whangarei static security guards.

Retail Security Guards

Minimise merchandising losses, unruly incidents and even discourage shoplifters and thieves from causing trouble. Our security guards can provide an immediate response to any in-store incident. Better yet, our Whangarei security guards are personable, as we want your customers to feel comfortable asking for directions or assistance. Our goal is to create a safe and pleasant shopping experience for your Whangarei customers.

Learn the security measures that will work best for your company.  Trust Northern Districts Security to be there when the unexpected happens, we’ll respond quickly to resolve the situation for you. We offer flexible security solutions in Whangarei that’s dependable, practical, and affordable.

We are Whangarei's Premier Security Services.

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