OUR Commitment

Northern Districts Security has a commitment to the local communities we service, to our clients, our staff and our industry as a whole.

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We follow through with our commitment by operating consistently in line with our core values, our operational policies, our code of ethics and our vision statement. We ensure that we offer fair, quality and professional service and working environments for all stakeholders.

We aim to be transparent, honest and people-focussed. We continue to maintain our relevance with the use of up-to-date information, technology and well trained staff and use a significant part of our income in upskilling and educating them. In our marketing, we provide actual stories, images and communications from real staff and real events. We do not indulge in marketing hype. This is our true commitment to our clients and our reputation.

Northern Districts Security practises and operates in line with NZSA code of ethicsGovernment Supplier Code of Conduct  and is committed to inclusivity and diversity in our workplace as can be seen from the profile of our team members.

We are Northland's Premier Security Services.

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