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Let us be your strategic partner across an entire value chain of industries. Secure your enterprise with deeper insights through our advanced and comprehensive security solutions. 

We always keep you safe from threats.  We service these industries and many more: 

Commercial Property

All critical commercial assets are kept safe and well-guarded through video surveillance and the presence of physical security.


Council facilities and services are vital to the community and security measures surrounding these operations should not be overlooked.


We help improve public safety most especially for students. We help keep schools protected and safe.

Finance and Banking

Take your security to the next level with Security solutions aimed specifically for Banks and finance institutions.


Our solutions can include mobile and round-the-clock vehicle patrols.


We provide leading-edge and high-performing security solutions for the most complex organisations. We have steps to ensure intrusion detection and crisis management.


We offer a complete range of security and assets risk management for medical facilities. Ensuring visibility of security personnel across all critical locations.


Cutting-edge security for high foot-traffic businesses such as shops and malls. Trust and rely on us to protect your inventory and products.


Timely and network-integrated security for transport business.

Utilities and Telecom

We provide integrated protection to resolve all possible security issues on site. These include advance security for all sectors and specialised lone worker services.

Warehouse Logistics

We provide essential security methods that deliver real-time operational benefits for big business undertaking warehouse logistics.


Whether managing Tourism bylaws or supporting tourism operators during peak seasons, our services are here to help.

We are Northland's Premier Security Services.

We take Security Seriously. Reach out to us today!