Guidelines in Hiring Whangarei Security during Covid-19

Keeping neighbourhood shopping parades safe can make a positive impact upon shoppers encouraging them to spend more.

While we are now becoming used to social distancing, and a majority on their way to vaccinated, the latest outbreak has changed how all of us do business, with the legal responsibility on businesses to ensure scanning in. Unfortunately, there are many people who are still not keen on following health and safety protocols. There are people though contained and isolated, are still testing positive. For the latest on the NZ Covid advisory, ensure to check the current government regulations.

Meanwhile, on a global scale, the course of the pandemic is still difficult to predict. Variants may emerge leading to new lockdowns followed again by an ease in regulations — to ushering in employees back to work in shops and offices.

A professional security team in Whangarei more than ever, can assist you – if you wish.

Hiring Security Guards for Covid-19 Best Practices

A Whangarei security guard can ensure social distancing protocols are followed throughout these uncertain times. For any company, public safety and health compliance is always of utmost importance, however in these times a security guard can assist in de-escalation and wider support.

Security Guards at Busy Commercial Spaces

As of late, many shops have hired extra security guards to make sure customers at their stores are mindful of the government-mandated health protocols. This can range from the usual social distancing protocols such as wearing a face covering or limiting the number of people who can enter the premises.

Also, professional security guards can enforce new rules such as manually or digitally signing into a business, which is now a legal responsibility on the business. All these measures are meant to allow people to do business and transact safely, but without a doubt creates another level of compliance for businesses.

Before security guards were hired to manage door access and loss prevention, as well as enforce general security. Now, security guards face the extra challenge to communicate and implement healthcare protocols on site. You may have seen offices and shops with temperature check devices at entry areas. Moreover, a security guard can note down visitor logs and contact details for successful contact tracing measures.

Security Guards Keeping Watch over Empty Places

Were another level 4 lockdown imposed, for closed and empty offices, factories and schools — you can rely on a security guard to keep watch for any intrusion and break-ins. Security Guards are an essential service, and are on call to patrol and keep Whangarei businesses safe from opportunistic thieves.

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