Security Guard Services in the Whangarei District

The best guarantee to keeping your property safe is prevention. Having a Whangarei security guard on call at all times is a good first step to ward off outside threats.

If your district is experiencing a surge of criminal incidents, its best to beef up your security presence by calling a local Whangarei Security Agency – Northern Districts Security to handle your ongoing risks. Secure your company and property today. We are the top security team that comes highly recommended by many Northland businesses from schools, stores, banks and facilities. We keep these places safe and well-protected!

Why have Whangarei Security Guards on Patrol?

Having proactive on-site security means you have security guards and mobile vehicle patrols that can step in and handle any crisis situation.

But take note, just because they’re called static security guards doesn’t mean they just stand in one area or corner. Though we often see them at entry ways or reception areas monitoring the influx of visitors, static security guards are versatile when it comes to their responsibilities.

Did you know Whangarei Security guards can actively inspect specific areas assigned to them and keep an eye on trouble spots while documenting events and details in their incident reports?

Security risks are sometimes not obvious, but professional security guards can easily pinpoint an oncoming crisis miles ahead. This is due to their high standards when it comes to security; they’ve undergone the best training covering the latest methods in defense, de-escalation techniques and crisis response.

Our Whangarei security guards can handle a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Keeping your property and assets safe through routine inspections.
  • Enforce company regulations and monitor employee behavior.
  • Prevent robbery incidents by looking out for suspicious activities.
  • Watch out for trespassers as these individuals tend to do incredibly stupid and dangerous things such as destroy property, vandalise walls and even start fires.
  • Mitigate violence such as assault or physical attacks on staff.


Having good security makes life easier—really, there’s no price for your peace of mind!

The Benefits of Hiring Security Guards

Security guards ensure business operations run smoothly – saving you precious time on routine tasks such as monitoring deliveries, access control and key access during opening and closing hours. Overall, your business will get to save a huge amount of money annually with pilferage and asset losses being down to a minimum.

Knowing there is someone keeping watch reduces your anxiety and allows you to focus on other important things. When you feel your property is secure, it is easier to appreciate the good things in life and go about your everyday business.

As property owners, you can do without the burden of threats and criminal incidents on your premises- a trustworthy security guard will protect your property and people round the clock.

Ready to see if our security measures are right for you? Northern Districts Security can provide you with security guards to monitor your property and assets all year long. Always stay open for business with the right security team. Call us today at 09 430 3232

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