Security Guards

Any business can become vulnerable to threats and acts of criminality. These incidents however are preventable with the right security team in place.

Trust in Northern Districts Security for your security guard needs, protecting assets staff and property 24/7. We offer security services in multiple industries, including corporate, retail, industrial, construction, events, and community.

Security is essential for many businesses, but in hiring one, the security measures in place should be compatible with your operational needs. Whether your security needs involve business or property, you can trust Northern Districts Security to keep your work areas safe at all hours.

What our Security Guards and wider Security Team can do for you:

  • Alarm Monitoring 
  • Area Surveillance 
  • Check Visitor Credentials 
  • Access Control to an Area. 
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Our Specialised Security Services

Bring a high level of professionalism to your day-to-day business operations by having the well-trained Northern Districts Security Guards present on your premises; our security team is fully committed to protecting your assets and people above all else.  

There are many strategic methods of security that can suit different businesses. That said, we provide the following professional security services within the Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North Districts.

What Are the Different Types of Security Guards?


Event Security

Involves large-scale or crowded events, and with high profile guests in the mix, it can be difficult to manage, and unpredictable. Event security guards can support your activities by enforcing rules, implementing crowd control and guest protection protocols.

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Security Patrols

Are highly trained security professionals that can easily look out for criminal and suspicious activities. They are able to respond quickly threats on foot or via vehicle patrols.

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Static Security Guarding

Is a professional assigned to guard a particular area such as key entrances and exit points of a property. Guards are always on the lookout for threats and malicious activity as well as a welcoming presence to your visitors.

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Retail Security Guards

For businesses who need specialised customer-centric security services such as site security, loss prevention and business monitoring. Having great security can easily improve your customer satisfaction.

When security guards are highly personable and friendly, customers will always remember your quality of service and will opt to regularly visit your place of business.

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