Whangarei Security Services: Why Hire the Best Security Guards?

Security guards are primarily assigned to protect private estates, public property, commercial and residential spaces. Many seek the highly-skilled services of a specialised security agency in order to guard their valuables and assets 24-hours a day. Such security services are highly sought out during holidays, high-profile happenings and even crisis events like a pandemic. Whenever extra security measures are deemed necessary Northern Districts Security are there. 

During such periods, a security agency may provide extra security officers or schedule more vehicle patrols to reduce any occurrence of predictability. For any Whangarei company, whether it is an office or retail shop, having security around should always be a priority. 

What Do Security Guards Do?

Most security guards are expected to come to work wearing their designated uniforms so they can be visibly identified as security on duty. This is to establish their authority in the premises as well as to let people know they are a reliable presence in case of an emergency. 

There are many security risks inherent within any company or large scale property, and with each risk there are corresponding ways to mitigate its threat levels. A security guard is trained to deal with such risks as they are there to protect both assets and employees.  

To the average onlooker, a security guard may seem like someone passively watching over people and guests passing by. But truth be told, they are on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and activity that are out of the ordinary. 

Types of Security Services in Whangarei

A Whangarei business may require specific security services from something as simple as preventing trespassers, incidents of theft and vandalism, and even destruction of property. Some companies often have routine security requirements such as restricting or granting access to company areas and even verifying visitor IDs. 

In Whangarei and Northland Northern Districts Security provide robust and reliable security that ranges from: 

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General Security Guard Services

Property protection and reporting daily details using log entries.

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Security Vehicle And Mobile Patrols

Patrolling wide areas and looking out for suspicious activities.

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Cash-In-Transit Services

Taking charge of handling the transfer of assets, cash and valuables from one place to another.


Event Security

Providing event protection and crowd control. Escorting unruly people away from the event area.

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Security Surveillance

Handling security equipment, and monitoring a designated area using video cameras and alarms.

In terms of protocol, security guards are trained to follow the guidelines set by their security agency which is based on the client’s needs and risk assessment evaluation. Whatever task they are responsible for protecting, you can expect high-quality, diligent security guards in Whangarei to adhere to their training and code of conduct. 

The work of a security guard does not come easy; it is a high risk profession that is open to immediate and long-term risks. On a daily basis, security professionals protect and deter events detrimental to the business they are protectingPut your trust in the best Whangarei security agency that will give you the utmost protection – that’s us, NDS! We take security issues very seriously. Call us today Northern Districts Security for your security concerns at 0800 114 632. 

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