Whangarei Cash-In-Transit Services

Whangarei Cash-In-Transit Services

So much of the success of your business relies on smooth and secure transactions. This includes the physical transfer of money- banknotes, cash, coins, foreign currencies- all these valuable assets are transferred via secure delivery services, often referred to as Cash-in-Transit (CIT) services.

Cash-in-Transit is the transport of cash or valuables to another destination. It’s having a physical security presence around your money while on the road. It doesn’t matter how near or far the next location is, with a CIT service, your assets will arrive in a timely manner and each amount fully accounted for.

Why moving Cash around is a Dangerous Affair?

It’s not a myth or something you’d only see in action movies. Heists and robberies do happen where consistent large sums of money are present. Whilst we are fortunate here in New Zealand, aggravated robbery is on the rise.

If you’re not familiar with the dangers of moving money, you can refer to the intense viral video showing a driver of a Cash-In-Transit service on Youtube.

This is a prime example of what occurs during a road heist.  It was this video about a CIT run that made news headlines and was seen the world over. It features abroad daylight strike where a calm security officer handled this stressful situation with great finesse.

And for business owners, this video proves the necessity of having good and expert security during transport.

Why Invest in Cash-in-Transit Services in Whangarei?

Cash-in-Transit services can have a profound impact with the way you operate your business. A reliable security agency such as Northern Districts Security knows all the potential threats involved when money is in transit. With CIT, you reduce operational costs and at the same time increase safety.

Here’s what a top cash-in-transit security service in Whangarei can deliver:

  • Procedures and delivery protocols are set prior to transit. This is to ensure that cash transfers are deployed and received properly.
  • Cash is secured in tamper proof bags and transported securely.
  • CITs have special protocols in place in case a road accident or vehicle breakdown occurs.
  • All security personnel are verified and highly-trained.

Hiring a Whangarei Cash-in-Transit service simply means you are proactive in securing your money.

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