Cash in Transit Services

Cash in Transit Services

Cash in transit is the professional term for physically transferring cash from one location to another. It means that money and other tangible valuables such as money and sensitive documents are transported from its current place to another. 

Thanks to security companies with Cash in Transit services such as Northern Districts Security (, moving cash and valuables is easy and secure.  

how Cash in Transit benefits your business: 

Safe and secure handling and moving of cash and valuables

Any amount lost during transit, whether money or valuables, due to theft, robbery, or mishandling, will negatively impact your business. It will cost you not just the amount lost, but also the trust of your investors, partners, and clients.

Using cash in transit services will bring reassurance to everyone who’s part of the business that all your assets are protected and secure. By using this readily available service from Northern Districts Security, you eliminate the risks attached to physically moving your most important assets.

Time saving and efficiency

Hustling to get your cash or valuables transferred from one place to another may not be a good business practice. One, it’s not efficient and exposes yourself or your staff to risks, as explained above. And two, it’s not a wise way to make use of your valuable time.  

Cash in transit services will allow you to save time and still make sure your valuables are efficiently transported and handled. That way, you can focus on more important matters in your business.

Professional handling

Security companies use tamper-proof bags and packaging, when transporting cash, important documents, even fragile items. Everything is professionally handled. Compare this to letting one of your staff do the transporting of your valuables where the risk of losing or breaking the items is high.

Peace of mind

One way to have a sense of security and peace of mind when transporting cash and valuables is by using cash in transit services. Moreover, it will save you from stress and anxiety which can often be costly, not only physically and mentally, but also financially. When you’re stressed, you lose your focus from growing your business.

With cash in transit, you can relax and not have to worry about your cash and valuables.

Bonus tip

When choosing the security company to handle your cash in transit, it is best to check if it complies with all requirements under the Protective Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act of 2010. Under this law, protective security should encompass high standard of training and security for all personnel.

Northern Districts Security keeps itself updated with the necessary expertise and skills its security personnel should possess to provide highly efficient and professional cash in transit services.   

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