Security Guard Services in Whangarei: Keep your Business Protected and Safe

Security Guard Services in Whangarei: Keep your Business Protected and Safe

Foresee a secure future, free from threats. High-quality Whangarei security will help nurture your business for growth.

Whangarei security guards are not just there for routine monitoring of your property; their presence adds values and contributes to your long-term security oversight. Northern Districts Security knows this first hand. Security is always paramount and a good operational investment for businesses. What makes us stand out from the rest are our forward-thinking security measures.

What the best Whangarei Security Services can do for you?

At Northern Districts Security, our security guards can make the biggest impact on your business by keeping it safe and protected.

Whangarei security guards work hard day and night to address all your security concerns, starting with:

  • Crime prevention
  • Trespassing and property break-ins
  • Fire prevention and detection
  • Attempted theft and loss prevention
  • Event safety and individual protection
  • Cash in transit protection
  • Access control and key management
  • Traffic and parking control
  • Enforcing bylaws and company regulations

Step-by-step with NDS Security

Partner with NDS and together lets choose what will work best for your business and resolve security issues within your business.

These are the steps we undertake at Northern Districts Security to ensure your company gets the best security possible:


When you consult with us, we sit down with you and have a chat about your company and any security challenges.


Together, we will create and tailor fit a security plan which includes any number of our specialised security services from round-the-clock security guards to mobile vehicle patrols.


Trust us to build you your own elite security team. You can expect professional and properly vetted security personnel that have all undergone our rigorous methods of security training in Whangarei.


By prioritising your needs, we make sure to you get the best Whangarei security to ensure your safety and success. That’s the Northern Districts Security guarantee – we are known for our excellent security agency services and high-value customer service support across Whangarei.

When you need actual protective measures and not merely perceived protection for public relations, a highly-trained security guard can maintain an excellent level of safety that your business needs.

Additional benefits offered by Whangarei professional security services include:

Northern Districts Security offers effective and affordable customized security guard services in Whangarei. When we say we’re serious about security, we mean it and our security services extend across Far North, Kaipara as well as the Whangarei District.

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