Security Guard Responsibilities in Whangarei

When you have a static security guard on duty, guests and employees are able to visit and leave the premises safely. 

Many companies often pool their resources to have the best security solutions, but with Northern Districts Security we have everything you need for an effective security strategy for your company. We are your one-stop hub for everything that involves security and protection in Whangarei. 

Investing in a trusted security agency results in better business. Plus there’s less stress and higher productivity among workers and ultimately, a better working environment. You can expect your employees to feel empowered in their work by simply knowing that they are safe inside the company premises. 

There are many tasks in any given day that a security guard is expected to perform and deliver. As high-calibre security professionals in Whangareiguards from Northern Districts Security are highly-trained and very much prepared for a variety of different and difficult situations. 

General Security Guard Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Proactive response to sudden security threats. 
  • Scheduled mobile vehicle patrols and foot patrols across buildings, commercial, and industrial spaces.  
  • Timely and alert action in case of crisis. 
  • Ensure exit points and fire escape routes are free from obstruction. 
  • Follows established policies regarding security and emergency scenarios. 
  • Facilitates proper evacuation and emergency response protocols. 
  • Superb customer-focused assistance towards guests and clients.  
  • Assist staff and helps promote employee safety. 
  • Keeps a detailed log and security record of every security shift. Reporting any hint of irregularities or suspicious activities. 
  • Ensures all doors and windows are secure after business hours 
  • Accounts for all entry keys and monitors restricted areas. 
  • Handles disorderly and confrontational individuals in a calm and collected manner. The aim is to de-escalate the situation. 
  • Monitors surveillance equipment and radio channels. 
  • Inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points permitting entry. 
  • Escorting violators and trespassers out of the premises.  

Talk To Us About Your Security Concerns.

  • It is important that when you hire a security guard for your company, to remember that this individual will be representing your business.  

    It is essential for you as an employer that you should establish and identify what kind of skills your security guard should specialise in.  

    Some prefer personable, friendly security guards that are a perfect addition to their retail team while some companies would prefer security officers who are  physically intimidating. 

    Though most are highly trained professionals, most employers are unaware that there are many types of security guards that can do a number of security services really well.  

Types of Security Services for Whangarei Companies:

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Static Security Services

Secure-in-place guarding of valuables and assets. Having a visible security professional onsite to oversee protection.

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Foot Patrol Security Services

Securing property access points by walking specific areas. This is to increase visibility and serve as a criminal deterrent.

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Mobile Vehicle Security Services

Deploying mobile patrol vehicles to respond to security concerns and alarm activations.

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Event Security

 Ensuring the safety of a large event and enhancing the overall guest experience. 

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Cash-in-Transit Services

A security team will oversee the safe cash handling and transport of valuables.

As most of us know, there are many business undertakings in Whangarei. The security guards you hire will always be in constant contact with your customers and guests.  

So it’s best to rely on a diligent and responsive security agency services that have your utmost safety and protection in mind. Call us today at Northern Districts Security for the best security services in Whangarei at 0800 114 632. Just say hello! We don’t mind talking about your security concerns and expectations. Believe us when we say, we take security very seriously.  

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