Secure your Construction Site with Temporary Security Fencing in Whangarei

There are many occupational safety concerns in construction sites, one is blatant unauthorised access.

Not securing your perimeter properly is a bad idea- this opens up numerous risks to the public.

First, construction companies in Whangarei should be wary of the possibility of people entering a construction site during and outside of working hours. Second, children or pets can just wander into the area and a construction site is a very dangerous place for them to be in.

On any given day, construction workers could be doing a number of things such as demolitions, excavations, and electrical installations. Operating heavy machinery can get very loud, and workers may not notice people walking into their areas which they shouldn’t happen in the first place. There is also the risk of collapse of old structures or temporary erect ones. Plus simple trip or fall into a deep excavation or foundation trench can happen.

The most effective method to prevent such incidents and hazards from happening is the use of site security fencing. This is used industry-wide and placed temporarily at the perimeter until the construction project is over.

That said, security fencing can stop the unauthorised entry of individuals into a construction site and it is a control measure that discourages pedestrians or random people from accidentally walking into a site.

But there are some people who still insist to get into places they shouldn’t be in, such as thieves and vandals. They often target construction raw materials, heavy machinery parts, valuable metals and equipment – as they are very expensive and are stored in bulk in construction sites.

Other security controls, such as surveillance cameras, may not be enough. Having active Whangarei security personnel at all hours help, but without security fencing, this makes their job of patrolling the perimeter boundary difficult.

When you put up a temporary security fence in Whangarei, it should have the following:

Sturdy features

All wires, panels, folds are securely linked together, with no breaks or vulnerable points for entry.

It should be properly installed

A good temporary standing fence should be stable and placed deep enough into the ground to hold up against bad weather.

Load bearing ability

Able to withstand wind forces, storms and even anticipate weight loads. This means it will not easily topple over.

Height should be at least 1.8m high

Good fences should be tough to climb. Making it difficult for anyone to access and jump over.

Safe for the public

Fences should not have any protruding parts that may also cause injury to passersby. Fencing materials should not fall over people.


Secure your Whangarei Construction Perimeter

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