Temporary Security Fencing in Whangarei

Temporary Security fencing is vital for local businesses in securing their space. Though construction sites are the most common areas that successfully use temporary fencing to mark their borders, temporary fencing can be used for other activities as well, such as vehicle traffic control, outdoor events, and wildlife containment.

Security fencing ensures maximum safety for less cost; this is compared to installing permanent fencing or expensive panel-and-post type fences which would also cost a lot to uninstall after a project’s duration.

Since there’s an increase demand for fencing solutions in Whangarei in the last few years, temporary fencing has remained a popular solution because at the basic level it adequately provides site perimeter security for a couple of working days or even months.

There are many benefits to having temporary security fencing in Whangarei:


A strong fencing barrier to protect your assets.

Establishes your perimeter

Fences simply let pedestrians know where your boundaries are and why they shouldn't cross it.


Quick installation and removal, whenever and whenever you need it.


Fencing that's not a strain on your operational budget.

Improves safety

It's important to always think ahead in terms of safety, temporary fencing is risk-prevention in action.

Access control and management.

A fence makes crossing difficult, this helps you control crowds and keep trespassers away.

Compliments your current security set-up

If you have a static security guard or a mobile vehicle patrol, a temporary security fence is an added measure that helps mitigate outside threats.

Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites

Increase in economic activity in Whangarei means more construction projects and that’s good news! With that, you’ve probably seen temporary fencing around Northland construction sites. It can be an imposing high fence that’s meant to prevent accidents such as passersby falling into holes and foundations. Like most heavy duty temporary fences, it’s also meant to ward off intruders and burglars.

What’s ultimately important here is that your perimeter is secure during your site project and that your security team can patrol around it for added protection.

With temporary fencing in place, building work is continuous and not disrupted. Construction workers can focus on their tasks at hand. Security Fencing is enough to shield them away from prying eyes or any outside elements that can prove distracting or hard to ignore. It is worth noting that this helps keep your construction project on schedule.

Northern Districts Security are able to offer strong and sturdy free-standing security fencing you can rely on which is perfect for closing off large areas- let our durable 1.8 x 2.4m high temporary security fencing be your best perimeter defense.

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