School Security

The security needs of schools are changing. Protecting our learning facilities and enabling learning are event more important.

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Security at places of learning is paramount. Incidents of truancy, theft, vandalism, violence, disorderly conduct, crisis and emergency situations are common security concerns in schools and universities.

While Auckland is removed from many of the issues seen abroad, we should still do our best effort to keep our schools safe – Safe from Truancy, Vandalism and disorderly conduct. Safeco Security can help with these challenges, enabling Teachers to focus on teaching.

Northern Districts Security professionals are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of safety in the premises they are assigned to. Schools are no exception.

Though schools often present a unique challenge due to the nature of its size, layout, and population, proper security risk assessment and emergency planning can address these concerns.

Northern Districts Security is a professional security agency serving schools across Auckland. Our goal is to protect the people who matter most to you.

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We find ways to safeguard schools against all kinds of scenarios. A school security guard can perform many duties, such as:

  • Keep unauthorised people from entering the grounds during school hours. 
  • Keep attendees from leaving the grounds during school hours.
  • Respond to emergency situations in classrooms and common areas around the campus.
  • Improve visibility through foot patrols and mobile vehicle patrols.
  • Prevent theft, property damage and vandalism on school grounds.
  • Implement procedures on bullying prevention and intervention.
  • Escort faculty, student and employees to bus stops and parking areas.
  • Handle video surveillance systems, card door access and lockdown security systems.

A Safe School Fosters A Healthy Environment For Learning And Socialisation.

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