Mobile Security Patrol Northland: What is the Purpose of a Security Patrol?

A security patrol is when professional security service are assigned to guard an area by undertaking round-the-clock monitoring and area spot checks at designated intervals.

Security patrolling can be done on foot, or by using marked or unmarked patrol vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, helicopters, amphibious boats or via horseback. You think we kid but there are many countries where security patrols are on horseback, including central park in the states!

Security Patrolling has Military Roots

Patrolling has always been an aged old military strategy. Army units deploy smaller units (link to: from their larger formation to do specific missions either for reconnaissance, listening and observation, retrieval, or occupying an area for a defensive position.

The tactic of patrolling stems from the art of basic warfare and has transferred well as a criminal deterrent in modern civilian and community situations. Patrolling is a widely-regarded security measure adopted by business across Whangarei.

Kinds of Security Patrols

When it comes to protecting your assets and business, a security patrol is an on-site deterrent that can keep away criminals and prevent any malicious activity from occurring in your property.

There are different types of security patrols, and their security patrolling checklist varies:

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are a roving security presence that actively secures all perimeters and corners of your premises. They are often deployed in large areas where fences and CCTV cameras are not enough to keep intruders out. Vehicular patrols also serve as a rapid response to any security and emergency incidents.

Static Patrols

These are strategic standing patrols that are focused on keeping a close eye on a specific area where incidents or unusual activity is expected to occur. They may be static, but they aren’t standing guard just in one spot, their objective is to cover a specific area. Their security patrolling duties include checking certain areas throughout the shift, where the intent is to filter crowds and assess risk levels. 

Community Patrols

Community patrol private security specialists are assigned to protect a specific area of a community, which are usually the shared and vulnerable areas like parks, schools, landmarks, and high foot traffic zones. Residents often welcome the presence of community patrols as they keep the neighborhood safe from criminal activities such as loitering, burglaries, robberies, and kidnapping.

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Security Patrols: Keeping Northland Safe

Hiring professional security services with security patrols has many advantages to all aspects of your business. Security guards on patrol duty provide a visible deterrent to crime, and they help keep employees safe from harm. They are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your property. Massive areas like construction sites, shopping centres, schools, airports, concerts, and events are excellent avenues for a security guard to patrol. They will even provide you a shift duty log in the proper security patrolling report format.

Northern Districts Security has security patrols that can provide a reliable and alert security presence at all times. To put it simply, we make your business a safer place to work.

Whether you’re looking for mobile security patrols in Kaipara, vehicular patrols in Auckland, or security school patrols in Whangarei, we have mobile patrol security solutions available for your protection.

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