Occupational Hazards a Northern Districts Security Guard Can Protect You From

Occupational hazards can take on many forms. Not just physical threats, but psychosocial stressors as well. Incidents like theft and vandalism can create an air of anxiety within the Whangarei workplace, and no one wants to be accused of or even lose assets while on their shift at work. Burglaries, verbal abuse and other violent incidents are workplace hazards, threatening the safety of employees.

Whether a Whangarei office, retail or commercial business requires the protection of security guard is entirely the decision of the business, but if you are in the CBD, you can join an exclusive low-cost security solution from Northern Districts for the reassurance of a team to call. You may never know what just might happen in any given day, but a trusted security guard from Northern Districts can anticipate trouble or handle any dire situation, so you can remain protected.

Here are just some of the most common security threats that may occur at work and how a Northern Districts Security Guard can safeguard you against them:

Protecting Lone Workers

Major occupational hazards within the workplace commonly happen to lone workers.  

Lone workers are employees who carry out tasks in isolation from other workers. These individuals may be exposed to occupational hazards because there is no one to assist or help them in an event of an accident or fall.  

A security guard or remote monitoring service from Northern Districts can check up on your hardworking remote staff to make sure they are safe and set up properly during their shift.  

Handle Security Breaches or Burglaries

When someone wants to break into your property, they will always find a way. The role of security services are to act as a deterrent and offer random patrols to deter these individuals away from your business. Proactive security can help limit damage, deter criminal behaviour or assist in convictions if they are successful in breaking in. 

Northern Districts Security, Northland’s professional security guard agency can undertake a full site audit and risk assessment to protect you from outside threats and put together a security service offer tailored to your business. 

Acts of Theft and Violence

Theft can eat through a huge chunk of your Whangarei company’s revenue. You can prevent theft from happening inside your premises by hiring Northern Districts Security, security service that’s diligent and eagle-eyed. We don’t just protect the premises but also provide a solid sense of security to everyone inside.

Make Security in New Zealand a Priority

It’s your responsibility to protect your employees from obvious or even obscure occupational hazards. A Northern Districts security guard can carry out the appropriate security measures to protect everyone in your workplace.

Let us help you identify security problem areas in your Whangarei and Northland Company. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation risk assessment and estimate on your security needs, call 09 430 3232 or email us at info@ndsecurity.co.nz

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