Northern Districts Security: Hospital and Medical Security Services in Whangarei

Comprehensive security solutions can be applied to any industry, hospitals are no exception, and Northern Districts Security are able to provide security to all types of professions and fields.

Due to the nature of a hospitals public 24/7 access, they never go into total lock down and staff, patients and visitors are a continual flow in and out.

Hospitals are no different from commercial and industrial spaces, the bottom-line here, they also need a strategic custom security plan that meets the specific needs and layout of the medical facility to keep staff, patients and visitors safe.

Northern Districts Security can help. We are the Whangarei and Northland security experts.

In our industry specific series we look at how we at Northern Districts Security are able to support Hospital and Medical Security Services in Northland:

Maintain Safety

Security guard services are often necessary, even within a hospital or medical setting. Unruly patients, maintaining safe distances, protecting staff or regulating traffic access through to monitoring access, the requirements of a security guard vary. 

Prevent Theft

Theft can be an issue in hospitals. Intruders can target patient belongings through to Medical supplies. Here at Northern Districts Security, we pride ourselves in the support and ongoing development of the staff we provide. To us our staff are like family. This training means few other guards are able to offer a better job protecting against theft. Roaming security guards are the best deterrent against theft, pilfering or vandalism.

Reducing Pressure on your Medical Staff

Though most medical personnel are equipped to deal with patients, it is not their duty to mitigate physical or abusive behaviour. This disrupts medical professionals from doing their real core work which is providing medical care. That kind of sensitive and life-dependent task shouldn’t be distracted by roles trained security from Northern Districts can provide. Your medical team having security guards they can call and rely, is all they need to make sure they can focus on giving proper patient care.

Ensure Peace and Order

Static or roving security guards are also well placed to prevent any untoward incidents happening that risk endangering patients or staff. A security guard can objectively handle a situation in a calm manner and deescalate potentially volatile situations. We all know that keeping hospital operations running smoothly at all hours is a must.

Get your Hospital in order. Need Medical Security Services in Whangarei?

Medical security solutions are a real necessity. Our NDS security guards are well-trained, versatile and able-bodied, and highly effective in handling highly-charged situations.   

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