Moving Cash in Whangarei – Hiring a Cash-in-transit Service

When moving cash, valuables and documents in the region of Whangarei, it’s always best to hire an expert Cash-in-Transit service to do the job.

But how difficult is it to move cash around the Whangarei District? If you do this yourself, what poses a threat to your very own cash-in-transit operation?


Whether it’s an individual with insider info or a group on individials. These people are the main serious threat for cash-in-transit.

Car trouble

When an engine has stalled and won’t start up, it can leave the cash and asset delivery vulnerable. Whilst it may simply delay delivery, will your staff feel safe in such an occurrence?

Vehicular accidents

When road accidents happen, it can create an opportunity for a CIT theft or just items left unattended. In times of an accident priority should always be your staff member. However the sight of a sum of cash can even tempt a random bystander, or just simply result in it being left unattended in a vehicle whilst your staff member receives medical attention.

Now a professional cash-in-transit team would know what to do in such instances, as they have contingencies and protocols in place for such incidents.

Why hire a Whangarei Cash-in-Transit service?

Car trouble is very much preventable and with real security professionals, their CIT vehicles are highly maintained and in good condition. In case of a flat tire or mechanical failure, another CIT vehicle is ready to complete the delivery.

Potential security risks can happen, but when you have the best security agency that’s insured and properly handling your Cash-in-Transit deliveries then you have nothing to worry about. Your valuables will get to the intended location as expected, or at the very least be insured – mitigating your businesses risk.

What to look for in a trusted Cash-in-Transit service in Whangarei?

  • Cash-in-Transit service has a good track record of consistent and securely protected deliveries.
  • CIT team has complete awareness of the vehicle surroundings at all times and good response protocols in place.
  • Offers adequate transit insurance.
  • Guaranteed delivery on the scheduled timeframe.
  • Delivery progress is monitored and communicated well to the client.
  • Updates are given if delays happen (such as route diversion and traffic) and the expected arrival time changes.
  • They will complete the cash delivery with proper documentation and confirmed identity of the receiving party.
  • Always go for a cash-in-transit service with great customer service and support.

Asset collection or cash deliveries in Whangarei? Not a problem!

Cash-in-Transit Services Whangarei
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