Security Patrols Northland

Security Patrols Northland

Security patrols are naturally important because they routinely patrol and secure a designated area. Security can be assigned to protect the outer and inner perimeter of a client’s property. They are the common security arrangements for buildings, warehouses, facilities, campuses, luxury real estate properties and corporate-owned properties.

Types of Security Patrols:

Security Foot Patrol

One kind of security patrol is foot patrols. Security patrols done on foot require security guards to actively walk through a client’s property. Exploring the site allows security guards to find out any breach in security.

Security breaches are not just defined by people breaking and entering. Other types of security breaches include water surges, flooding, open windows, unlocked gates, wildlife or livestock invasion, signs of damage to property and other evidence of trespassing.

Security guards doing their rounds on foot patrol are akin to explorers. Using a flash light, they can enter dark and even small, cramped spaces. In the process, they get to note any changes in the property. Many details and small changes are recorded in their security logs such as cracks on any property structure, broken railings, blown out lights and fixtures, icy walkways, and missing parts on equipment. They will note if anything has been tampered with. While on foot patrol, security guards can also check on remote workers, night shift employees and cleaning crews ensuring they are safe in the premises and behaving accordingly.

Security Vehicle Patrol

Another type of security patrol, one we know too well is the vehicle patrol. To effectively cover wider distances in a short amount of time, vehicle security patrols are the main solution.

This type of patrol is extremely beneficial to mid-to-large size commercial properties or gated communities, or high street parades.

On a large property, it would be impractical to have security guards do foot patrol duty because it would take a long time to cover the entire perimeter of the property.

Vehicle patrols provide good mobility and fast response times. They are also an adequate source of key lighting for night security out on a watch. Security guards can use the vehicle headlights and even high-beam lights to shine light on an area and search for any signs of trespass.

The sight of security vehicle patrol often deters criminal activity or it can even disperse an unwelcome crowd.

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