Importance of Northern Districts Vehicle Patrol Services

As part of their tasks, security guards spend most of their time observing customers, as they are assigned to a static post. Here they may sit for the whole duration of their duty behind a counter located at the entrance of a property or stand by an entranceway. They may also be assigned inside a control room and watch the surveillance feeds from all corners of the property. But there’s also ‘mobile vehicle patrols’.

Security Vehicle Patrol Services

Security guards on wheels are a big deal. 

A vehicle patrol service simply adds further to that solid layer of security you already have. This is about covering more ground at a faster pace particularly if you are talking about multiple properties with complex layouts or you need regular checks but are not large enough to require the needs of a fixed security guard. 

The advantages of having a Vehicle Patrol Service:

Efficient Area Coverage

Perimeter patrol when done right assures that all vulnerable spots in the property are well-guarded.

Response Time is Excellent

Time is a big factor in managing security threats. This is essentially having a security team with a fast reaction time towards emergencies that may happen anytime. To achieve this you need a security firm with greater coverage than the rest.

Dealing with Trespassers

A vehicle patrol service guard often has greater contact with employees and the general public. Mobile Security Patrols can cover areas where people often tend to linger or even loiter and trespass. Their work with the public may just seem routine, but dangerous things can happen, as some people do not engage well when prompted with questions about their intent even when trespassing on private property. These individuals may either choose to leave or engage in a heated argument. An experienced security officer knows well how to handle such individuals, managing any crisis without escalating the situation. But sometimes the presence of a vehicle patrol alone can deter trespassers from lurking around.


Some individuals willfully damage and deface property just for kicks. Out on a whim, they may find their act of defiance as harmless compared to other troubling criminal offenses.

However, for a Whangarei property owner such act comes as a loss of value because of it can be costly to repair and address vandalism over and over. It’s not just a matter of slapping a fresh coat of paint over the problem, dealing with defacement costs time and money that should be spent elsewhere in the company. Moreover, it doesn’t help the state of your property’s real estate value when people come to visit the neighborhood and that’s the first thing they see.

A roving vehicle patrol can make visible rounds and stop vandals from doing their dirty work.

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