How to Become a Security Guard in New Zealand?

Are you looking to become a security guard? 

As a security guard, you are responsible for the safety and security of people and assets, so – how do you become a security guard in NZ? 

Not surprisingly, the overall job prospects within the security industry are typically always good. Security agencies will always need new, promising and capable individuals. Being a security guard can also be very excitingas the job entails working in a variety of industries, and the chance to work in different types of environments.  

Of course, there are a handful of rules and requirements to follow before you even become a certified security guard. 

First, it goes without saying to be a security guard, you need to be physically and mentally fit. Endurance, stamina and strength of the mind is critically important to ensure you remain alert for the duration of a shift as much as the physical requirements, should issues arise. A security guard’s job can be very challenging, it entails working long hours, standing and walking around during a patrol duty. They also need to be ready to take action when the situation calls for it, such as running and and subduing individuals as well as the softer interpersonal skills. 

Beyond the physical requirements, security guards need to be sharp, alert, and quick-witted. It’s also a very mentally demanding job as you will deal with a lot of people, and face different situations under duress. This is where most of the conflict management training kicks in, so for security agencies, it’s very important to not just invest in good people, but in excellent security training methods as well. 

Of course to security your security guard certification, there are government and legal requirements such as having a current Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Justice. Everyone aspiring to be a security guard in Whangarei (and New Zealand) needs this certificate in order to be allowed to work in NZ. 

More importantly, the kind of training you receive will determine your salary and employment terms as a security guard.  

Though there’s no mandatory education level needed to gain entrybeing ‘street smart and having adequate knowledge or experience will naturally be to your advantage. New security professionals are also required to be vetted by local police to make sure they have no prior convictions or active criminal cases. 

But just how much does a security guard earns in New Zealand?

A security guard’s pay grade in NZ varies on the skill level, years of experience, training, specialisation and certificate levels. On average, according to the NZ Security Association, in 2020 security guards earned somewhere between minimum wage to $25 per hour.  Those with previous job experience earned $30 an hour, and those with years of specialisation and experience made as much as $70 an hour. 

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