Hiring Security Services in Whangarei

Security is always a top consideration for companies particularly when it comes to their stores, events and commercial spaces.

Hiring a professional security guard in Whangarei is essential if you want to convey safety as a priority. Having visible security helps all staff, customers and patrons feel reassured and safe.

But how do you choose the right security experts to protect your assets and valuables?

There are many skill prerequisites and physical requirements for a job in securityBut your security team should have the following best qualities: 

Outstanding Observational Skills

Security guards should be trained to be hyper vigilant, agile, and alert during their shift. Their training should allow them to monitor all areas of premises efficiently and check for any suspicious activities, such as stopping a person trying to breach a restricted area.

Approachable and Authoritative

When it comes to handling customers, your Whangarei security guards need to be trained in a way that promotes customer service. Their work persona should come off as approachable to customers, yet authoritative enough to handle difficult situations. They need to be hyperaware of their surroundings and always present in the moment. Security guards are highly trained in the most effective security procedures and protection practices. Any security guards employed need to be skilled in managing crisis situations and dealing with irate or volatile individuals.

Great at Written Communication and Documentation

Report writing is a crucial part of a security guard’s basic duties. As security professionals, detailed reports of incidents and escalation of concerns needs to be paramount. Their security log needs to highlight the time and details of an encounter no matter how mundane. Depending on your business industry, it can be as simple as noting the time of arrival of a guest on the premises, their reason for visiting, the IDs presented. Such professionally written daily logs can help the employer handle work situations regarding their employees or guests should any problems arise.

Acute Active Listening Skills

Professional security services are able to analyse how to emotionally respond to a situation by giving their full attention on the matter at hand. When a customer approaches them, these types of security guards are attentive and receptive to what a customer has to say. Even if this customer turns out to be aggressive and confrontational, a highly-trained security guard can de-escalate the situation by talking to this person in a calm and reassuring manner. Through active listening they are able to maintain a neutral stance to any given situation.

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