Security Guards Far North: Hiring Security Services for your Property

We often see security guards on TV as individuals who are tasked to take shifts and roam the dark with a flashlight. People might view their job as an easy one, but the reality is security work is more than that.

Security patrolling can be done on foot, or by using marked or unmarked patrol vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, helicopters, amphibious boats or via horseback. You think we kid but there are many countries where security patrols are on horseback, including central park in the states!

Security guards are our lifeline when it comes to protecting people and property.

A security guard’s job requires a degree of resilience to last long hours on the job patrolling a site. Moreover, security guards have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. They do surveillance rounds in intervals which include inspecting entryways and door locks making sure nothing is tampered with. If they work the front desk station, they check incoming guests for identity and appointment verification. They also direct these guests towards the right floors and offices they are visiting. On top of that, they likely also monitor the CCTV cameras.

Since the nature of the job is high risk, they are confronted with many dangers on a daily basis since theft, vandalism and acts of criminality are included in the things they are assigned to look out for.

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Casual security guards in the Far North

Casual security guards in the Far North from Northern Districts Security are highly-trained and specialised in their security work. You can be rest assured that they do keep a watchful eye on their surroundings. 

Casual security guards are also known as floater security guards. They are hired to fill in assignments for various client sites for events or short duration projects. Sometimes they are called in to fill in for a team member or as additional security support.  But just the same they are there to maintain a safe and secure environment, as well as complete daily logs and incident reports as part of their duties. And with each location, a security guard learns to adapt and further hone their skills.

Aside from rigorous training, Northern Districts Security also makes an effort to ensure that the casual security guards on rotation have a thorough understanding of their jobs. Training programs are made available to them so they can acquire further important skills such as first aid, CPR, and even proper client-facing customer service interactions.

What sets the Northern Districts Security team members apart from other security companies is that NDS invests a lot more in developing the skills of their overall security force. All Northern Districts Security officers are duly trained to their national certificates in security levels 2, 3 and 4 and are licensed through the Ministry of Justice.

For adequate protection hire Northern Districts Security casual security guards in Far North, New Zealand.

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