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Whangarei Alarm Response and Key Holding Services

It’s hard to overlook or dismiss an alarm even if you’re in the middle of something important. But hey, when your property alarm goes off it rarely happens at a convenient time.

It can occur in a middle of an emergency or during a medical crisis. So ask yourself, what would happen if that alarm went off tonight? Can you get there on time? And if you do, are you in a good frame of mind to attend to any kind of situation that awaits you?

The best solution is to utilise a Key Holding and Alarm Response service that you can trust. Northern Districts Security offers such a security option – its simply entrusting us with your spare set of keys.

Any time in the future, you may need your spare keys for a number of reasons, not just due to a possible burglary. Well, aside from the very obvious fact that crime happens, you may need professional alarm response and key holding services in Whangarei, simply because you forgot something important inside your property and you’ve lost your keys.  

As for alarm response, Northern Districts Security is efficient in securing your property and doing the necessary internal and external checks. We have an eye on your property 24/7 so that when an alarm gets triggered we’ll be there as fast as possible in order to secure your premises Our rapid security response time averages 9 minutes or less. Moreover, our security team can deal with any type of crisis scenario at your property; they are highly-trained to handle most circumstances.

The Advantages of Alarm Response and Key Holding Services

Professional key holding has many advantages for your home and business, it can free you from worry and any need to delegate keys to employees. In the event of an alarm trigger, the security team will head over and do a perimeter check and a thorough interior property check. They will shut off the alarm after a threat assessment has been made and dealt with. They will make a proper log of the incident and the areas activated in the alarm system. After securing the premises, they will once again activate the alarm and inform the security control center that your property is clear of any threats.

Without any key holding and alarm response services, you are leaving your business vulnerable to criminal activity and any untoward incident can leave you at risk for property damage that can be costly and not covered under your insurance. With security professionals keeping your keys off-site in a secure facility coupled with a prompt alarm response service, you can relax knowing your property is secure and looked after.


It’s always a worthwhile endeavor to find out more about our extensive Key Holding and Alarm Response services in Northland and across Whangarei, call us Northern Districts Security at 0800 114 632 or email us at info@ndsecurity.co.nz

By having Northern Districts Security as your first line of defense, you need not worry about alarm call outs and property access, we’ll take care of it.  

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