What Happens during a Routine Security Patrol in Kerikeri — Learn more about Vehicle Patrols!

You might wonder what vehicle patrol security officers do when they are out on patrol in Kerikeri?

You might think they just drive around aimlessly or sit waiting in their security vehicles. This is far from the case, on a routine patrol, these brave security officers head on out to face all manner of possible threats during the course of their shift. They are very proactive about keeping the peace, resolving situational threats while effortlessly putting on a cordial and professional demeanor.

Patrolling the property in a security vehicle in Kerikeri involves the following actions:

What happens during a security patrol?

A standard security patrol in Northland from Northern District Security is planned. Our Security briefings cover all key points that needs to be done on duty. From knowing what the client wants accomplished, what areas need to be covered and if there are remote workers on site that need to be checked on for their safety. Security patrol officers also do an equipment check and vehicle inspection to make sure everything needed is in order.
Besides ticking off items from their briefing list, time management also plays a crucial part of this process. Security patrols have to get things done before their shift ends. Rest assured, vehicle patrol officers know what to do once they head out that door.
As security officers, they always make important decisions during their inspections, they keep a log of how their shift unfolds. They note down the details such as the dates, times, activities, problem areas and the location of the incidents they respond to. Such detailed reports also help business and property owners with legal, insurance, and liability claims. Law enforcement can also refer to these reports if needed for an investigation.
Though it’s referred to as a routine security vehicle patrol. Their routes are far from routine; everyday is a different day for these mobile security professionals. They always take different patrol route and inspect areas at varying times. The point of this is to deter any detectable routine that an outsider might observe and use for criminal purposes.
At the end of their patrol watch, there is a proper turnover process. Northern Districts Security patrol professionals take the proper measures of transferring responsibility, ensuring any pertinent information or incident is made known.

What sites in Kerikeri require security patrol skills?

Security threats are an unavoidable part of running a business. Having security vehicle patrol services such as Northern Districts Security can play a huge role in tightening your overall security. When people and customers in Kerikeri need to feel safe, call us at Northern Districts Security.

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