Whangarei Temporary Security Fencing for Construction

There’s no stopping the construction boom in New Zealand even with an ongoing global pandemic. Impressively, the NZ construction sector has managed to contribute a huge share to the country’s overall economy. In fact in 2020, the construction industry has managed to bring in 16.6 billion New Zealand dollars. Keeping over 170,000 people employed throughout the onslaught of COVID-19. 
Beyond vaccinations and social distancing protocols, there are practical safety issues that are quite common in construction sites that often take priority, such as public safety and worker site safety.
Almost all construction sites nowadays require the use of temporary construction fence to establish a safe enclosure or perimeter to keep the public out. 
This is most important if your construction site is in high foot-traffic or heavily-populated area, people en-route to their destinations can obliviously walk into a construction site. They can easily trip over equipment, fall into excavations, or get injured by falling debris. 
So it’s essential that temporary security fencing is installed even if the construction work will be of short duration.

Worry less When You Have Whangarei Temporary Security Fencing

When you’re a property owner or project manager of a Whangarei construction site, you must be hyperaware of the possible hazards involved and how these can be prevented.

Though it is understandably hard (impossible) to keep any construction site 100% accident-proof. There are ways to mitigate these challenges through temporary security fencing.

Having Whangarei security fencing will keep your construction site safe even during non-working hours, holidays, and periods of bad weather.

Before you get any construction underway, consider getting some temporary security fencing installed. However, when choosing a security fence, you should have these factors in mind:

Create the safe environment you need. Temporary security fencing can provide your construction site with an adequate means of protection against safety hazards, theft, and trespassing while allowing construction employees to work without public disruption with maximum flexibility of movement.

Invest in Construction Security Fence in Whangarei

With temporary security fencing, you spend less time worrying and decrease the risks of construction accidents on site.

Secure your construction site in Whangarei with a strong temporary security fence by Northern Districts Security.

Measuring 1.8 x 2.4m high and made from high-quality materials – you have the adequate height and protection you need to better protect your construction site.

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