Whangarei Security Services: Getting the Best Protection Possible

When you secure the services of Northern Districts Security, if their security guards are faced with threats you can expect them to take the necessary action to mitigate and diffuse the situation.

In Whangarei, security guards trained under Northern Districts Security take the lead as they have the best and highest quality standard of security training that’s focused on safety, protection, customer-service and crisis resolution strategies.

But Why Hire Security Guards through a Whangarei security agency?

There are many advantages to hiring from a local security agency as opposed to a national operator. But employing through a Whangarei security agency as opposed to directly – the major consideration is liability.

When companies decide to do their own in-house hiring of security personnel, there many potential risks they often do not account for. If a criminal incident occurs in their premises, and it transpires your security personnel or staff (acting as security) were not sufficiently trained, your company is solely liable for the legal and financial repercussions. More importantly you will know you put your staff in harms way.

Hiring a security agency means you are relying on their years of experience, expertise and commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of their security services.

Northern Districts Security – Whangarei’s leading Security firm, not only screen candidates thoroughly through usual interviews and police background checks, they make sure to train the potential individuals to be ready and for a role within the security industry. This is no random-hire coming in from the cold, but a tough, alert and quick-thinking individual that’s able to stay calm under the face of confilct. Northern Districts Security makes sure that the security guard assigned to your company is a well-prepared and highly-trained professional that’s able to protect your property and assets.

There are so many unique risks associated with security, here’s what a Whangarei security guard can do to ensure the protection and operational continuity of your business:

Security guards maintain the security of your entrances at all hours of the day

People traffic comes in surges at gates or reception areas. Some visitors even come unannounced; it’s a security guard’s duty to ascertain whether that guest should be allowed in the premises.

Security guards can minimise threats within your premises by observing employee activity and customer behaviour on your behalf

Part of their job is noticing suspicious behaviour, taking note of employee arrival and leave times, and blocking those trying to gain access into restricted areas.

Security guards are very good with key management and access control

They can under the locking and unlocking of your building. So you (or your team) don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to open up your gates for deliveries, or even stay late after hours to close shop. A trusted Whangarei security guard can do that for you.

How quickly do you want your Whangarei company safe and secure? To start, we can have a security expert working on your risk assessment within the week if you are ready. Consult with us on your security needs, so we can give you a free estimate and get your site protected by our best security team in Whangarei. Call us at 09 430 3232 or email us at info@ndsecurity.co.nz – you’re sure to hear from us at Northern Districts Security!

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