The Best Commercial and Residential Security Cameras to Secure your Property

What are the best Commercial and Residential Security Cameras to protect your Whangarei business or home? Whether it’s a CCTV system for your business or a personal Security Camera system for your home, having a camera in sight of a potential thief is the perfect deterrent and should a theft occur you have invaluable recording evidence of the perpetrators. 

For commercial clients, Security Cameras are only one facet of your security system. ND Security can help with Security Guards, Alarm Monitoring and Rapid Alarm ResponseAs a trusted security company, Northern Districts Security can monitor your property through our sister company Safeco Security. We will provide the necessary surveillance and call-to-action response.

There are many different systems out there all with their own pros and cons, this list should hopefully help inform in your decision.

THE BEST COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL SECURITY CAMERAS to secure your Whangarei home or business


Here are some of the numerous benefits associated with the implementation of CCTV and Video Management Systems. Theft and Burglary Deterrence, Support for Law Enforcement in Crime Investigations, Covert Installations for Apprehending Suspected Thieves, Monitoring of Operational Procedures and Reduction in Insurance Claims

Wireless Solutions

Wireless CCTV Security Camera Solutions provide an immensely convenient way to enhance security and surveillance in areas where wiring is not feasible. With some working off rechargeable battery that last 2-3 months, you are no longer hindered by where you can place your camera and getting it wired.
This wireless approach offers your premises flexibility and streamlined installation, making it ideal for various scenarios like Construction Sites, Rented Premises, Pop-up Stores, Historical Buildings or anywhere where you don't want to damage the property during installation or want to take the system with you if you move.

Thermal Solutions

Advanced CCTV Cameras featuring sophisticated detectors and algorithms are designed to identify elevated body and room temperatures. Take, for instance, Hikvision's Fever Screening Thermographic Camera, perfectly suited for applications in office buildings, factories, stations, airports, and other public areas. Providing protection from various threats including burglary, safety hazards such as starting fires, gas leaks and flooding in the residential and commercial property. Key features include remarkable accuracy of ±0.3°C, Multi-person measurement to minimize physical contact, Instant operator notification through immediate alarms, AI-powered detection to minimize false alarms from unrelated heat sources. Contact our sister company Safe Co to find out more about Thermal systems and Alarm Monitoring services.

Portable Solar-Powered CCTV Tower

Our self-contained, solar-powered portable CCTV Tower leverages cutting-edge technology to offer continuous surveillance. Highlighted Features include high-quality and clear imaging, Active strobe light and audio alarm, Water-resistant construction, Human, vehicle, and motion detection, Real-time notifications.

Here are a few recommended home security camera brands


google nest cam battery review

Google Nest

The Google Nest is one of the best indoor cameras because it takes up so little space. You don’t have to worry about how long it will take to set up the security camera because the process is simple.

An integrated microphone and speaker security camera system make talking to people far away easier. You can turn on the sound to hear what’s happening around the camera.

This device also lets you know when something goes wrong, making it a safe choice. The fact that you can watch the camera anytime is a bonus. The security camera won’t break the bank, but it will keep you safe and won’t cost too much.


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Swann Enforcer

The Swann Enforcer is one of the best home security cameras because it has many features for a reasonable price. The great camera lets you see both 4K video and a live feed. The device’s value goes up because it can see at night.

This security camera itself has a 1 TB hard disk, a great extra feature. The storage of the security camera system is also good because it works with hard drives holding up to 6 terabytes of data.

You can link this camera to the Swann Security App to use features from afar. The camera can move around and tilt 90 degrees to keep your home safe.



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Arlo 2

The Arlo security camera is great because it can see a wider area and has useful extras. The tool can be used indoors or outdoors. Because it is very weatherproof, it will help you keep your home safe no matter the weather. What’s even better is that the camera has night vision built in. The Arlo system also features rechargeable battery’s that only need to be charged every 3 months, meaning this system can go anywhere it is still in range.

A two-way audio system is built so that users can talk to each other. This makes it easy to keep an eye on the housekeeper, nanny, or another staff member who might be taking care of your kids. The 4K video’s excellent resolution will make the other party easy to identify.


Ring Spotlight Cam 1



One of the most well-known names in the business is also one of the best: Ring.

The brand offers indoor and outdoor security cameras so you can see what’s happening all over your property. The outdoor cameras come with the option of lights, sirens, and night vision, and the indoor cameras are very easy to install. Arguably the best benefit of Ring security cameras is the price. They offer some of the lowest prices on the market, making it a good choice for those not looking to spend too much on their security system.

Ring also have an extra doorbell system with a built in camera so you can monitor who is at the door and speak with from the safety of your home or workplace.


Getting your Business or Home secure

This is by know means a exhaustive list but it gives you an idea of what options are out there. For commercial clients, Security Cameras are only one facet of your security system. ND Security can help with Security GuardsAlarm Monitoring and Rapid Alarm ResponseAs a trusted security company, Northern Districts Security can monitor your property through our sister company Safeco Security. We will provide the necessary surveillance and call-to-action response.

In times of crisis, we will send out alerts to our team of security personnel nearby or dispatch a security mobile patrol unit in case of an emergency along with notifying police law enforcement.

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