The Benefits of Quick Activation Response in Security Patrols

On-site emergencies and threats can happen any time and often most companies are caught unprepared.

A good solution when it comes to incident response is by having a security patrol on your premises.

Successful Whangarei businesses know good security is a vital investment. No company is immune to risk or lucky enough to avoid threats for years. The fact is, taking security threats seriously is the first step in creating a competent secure stronghold followed by developing a comprehensive safety protocol on how to deal with these threats.

A reliable Whangarei security agency such as Northern Districts Security can create a security plan for you that’s actionable and responsible in terms of rapid response.

When an alarm goes off on your Whangarei premises, it is necessary for security guards and vehicle vehicle patrols respond to this alarm activation within minutes.  With ram raids being timed to the second, a prompt response is critical to mitigate or minimise losses.

Responding to a security threat is never a walk in the park. One never knows what's coming up or waiting for you at that location, it could be a number of things, such as:

But this is what’s involved with quick activation response in security patrols, the security team on duty will use their critical situational awareness training while keeping company protocol mandates in place.

Once at the scene, they can confirm whether the activation needs further attention or escalation. They will assess whether there is a major threat, a medical emergency, or a perimeter breach with movement in the area by unknown individuals.

They will be faced with the decision of whether to alert the police, emergency services, or an on-site security backup team. Whichever solution is most suitable, Norther District Security remain vigilant, and respond accordingly to the situation.

What’s important about a quick activation response in Whangarei is that the security patrol team will do everything they can to regain control and minimise the damage. Thereby protecting your assets and public image. Plus they will also document the security incident thoroughly to ensure your company has evidence of what occurred.

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