Static Security Guard Northland: Dealing with Burglaries

Static Security Guard Northland: Dealing with Burglaries

There are many responsibilities for security guards, both physical and mental.  

Typically, a security officer must be physically fit and have impeccable observation skills. Other personal requirements include good hearing and clear eyesight. Static security officers must be assertive, responsible, and trustworthy.  As they deal with all types of people, they must possess excellent communication skills. They can be firm and authoritative as needed. 

Often the static security job requires the following actionable skills: 

Observe Surroundings

Observation is key. Part of a security guard’s job is to keep track of incidents by making reports and keeping a log of events. This helps them keep an objective account of what happens in the property during the shift. It also helps them remember specific details, persons involved and the exact time. 

Crime Prevention

Placing a huge effort on prevention is far better than spending your budget addressing the aftermath of a criminal incident. When a burglary occurs in your premises, it can be costly. There can be damage to property, injuries to workers, expensive property losses and legal fees. 

A security officer is trained to look out for signs. They are intuitive enough to take action to prevent any untoward incident. 

Visibility in the Premises

Thefts, burglaries, and injuries can be reduced dramatically when perpetrators notice a roving security officer. Their security presence alone is a huge crime deterrent. Increased visibility can discourage criminals that are considering any criminal act such as; theft, burglary, robbery or assault. 

Being Vigilant

Security officers should always be alert and on the lookout of their surroundings while on duty. Watching for suspicious activity and listening for unusual sounds in their environmental background can help them thwart an incident. In order to perform their static guard role well, the security officer should always be keen on checking out vulnerable spots in the property. If any activity in an area looks suspicious, it is worth their attentionBurglars can come up with a ruse to draw a security guard’s attention away, so they should always approach any area with caution.  

Calling for Immediate Assistance When Needed

A static security guard knows when he is outnumbered and the most logical thing is to call for backup instead of escalating the situation to a violent confrontation on his own. In the event of an ongoing burglary, the security officer should not attempt to apprehend the suspects alone as these individuals can be armed. They can cause mayhem and damage in the area and involve innocent bystanders in the clash. Such an incident can be avoided and handled delicately. The security guard can seal all exits, making sure the intruders are locked inside. Afterwards, the security protocol here is to call for immediate assistance, provide information about the intruders and call for law enforcement to come in and apprehend the criminals within the property 

Do your require a security guard for your business?

We would like to meet with you to discuss your security concerns that you might be having in your property. We can create a security program that is designed to fortify your premises and satisfy your security needs. 

Watching over the premises of a property or business is the most common role of static security officers. They make rounds to check for anything unusual, and check on everything necessary to ensure your security. Such as walk duty around restricted areas, checking door locks, clearing obstructions in hallways, noting disturbances, and addressing other threats.  

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