Static Guards: Keep your Business Safe during the Holidays

A security patrol is when professional security service are assigned to guard an area by undertaking round-the-clock monitoring and area spot checks at designated intervals.

You’ve heard the carols, seen the holiday décor and maybe even noticed the change in the weather, and once again- it’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Even if unlike the Christmas movies, we won’t be getting snow.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, business owners are usually too eager for that much-deserved holiday break that they sometimes forget to take extra measures to ensure that their place of business stay safe during the holiday season. In fact, the holidays is the time of the year we should be extra careful, as crime rates tend to increase around this period.

Here’s some tips to secure your Auckland workplace or business this holiday season:

Inform Everyone

Before everyone gets buzzed at the holiday office party, make sure that all of your employees are well-informed about the company security policies in place during the holiday break. This is an important first step.

Lock it Up Tight

The simplest and most obvious solution is to lock up. But this is often not properly implemented; people get very busy and tend to forget the basic security measures. At any place of work, it’s very important to lock all doors and windows, secure keys and master keys, particularly when leaving on a long holiday. All offices and cubicles should be locked, which also goes for server rooms with sensitive information. Take note who has access to particular areas

Check All Security Equipment

Before you all turn the lights off and go on that dream holiday vacation, ensure that your security equipment is working properly. Do run diagnostic tests and spot checks on all alarm systems, lone-worker alarms, man-down alarms, panic buttons, smart locks and security cameras. Check security cameras; make sure their camera lens are clear and unobstructed. Cameras should have a clear view of all entrances and exits.

Repair Everything Faulty

After doing a technical check on your security systems and locks around your premises, make sure there are no existing problems or faults that need to be repaired.

Fix any existing issues in your specified systems whether electrical, structural or security. A weak spot in any of your systems is dangerous, if they are left to deteriorate over the holidays; it can cause a fire or even compromise your security leaving it vulnerable to intruders. Thus, make sure any or all current property issues are repaired.

Hire Security

When you close for the holidays, its best to hire a reliable Auckland Static Security Guard service to keep a watchful eye on your place of business. They can monitor your property for unusual activity especially during the Christmas and New Year break.

Safeco Security offer security options such as static security, foot patrols and mobile vehicle patrols. Inform us of your and your staffs holiday plans and we will ensure the necessary checks are undertaken to keep your property safe.

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