Static Guards Auckland: The Duties of Fixed Location Guards

The real challenge nowadays is keeping your Auckland business secure for customers and employees.

As a business owner, you may see your community as a relatively safe space. Your community is generally secure because of the current policing and security policies implemented in the area. It’s interwoven into the process of running your township – your township feels safe, because professionals in law enforcement and security services have made that possible.

But even with local law enforcement, keeping things safe can still be a challenge, as crime rates abound; leaving your property unattended seems like an open invitation to intruders.

Give yourself some peace of mind; this is what effective security measures are all about, save yourself from restless nights of worry. 

What is a Static Guard?

An Auckland Static Guard is all about having a security guard at a fixed location. These duties may include manning an entrance, a small perimeter, a front desk, a guard station, a watch tower or a control room

Their main task is monitoring the access on entry points of the premises. But, of course, static guards can also be assigned to do other tasks at certain intervals without compromising their main monitoring task.

Just by having a visible security guard on your Auckland premises is enough to deter crime.

Financial loss from theft and burglary can be prevented in the first place through private security.

Security guards are trained to detect and fend off threats, and even prevent on-site accidents from escalating..

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