Security in Whangarei: Hire a Security Agency for your Protection

You’ve read the news and heard the horror stories, when crime happens it leaves a lot of unpleasant after-effects, not just on people, but on the business as well. Customers tend to avoid businesses that are deemed unsafe or are a frequent target of criminal activity. When threats abound, there is so much at stake. This is why it’s crucial to hire a security agency that can address your business security needs. Tough security provides a layer of protection to your business at all times.

Not All Security Guards are of the Same Calibre

If Whangarei security guards are to be assessed by performance, it would be quite obvious that not all security guards have the same level of skills and training. Some acquire the necessary licenses needed for the job, but when subjected to high-pressure situations some do not perform as expected.

That said, the best Whangarei security guards would know how to correctly handle an ongoing situation – this is just as vital as knowing when to use the security tools and skills they have at their disposal.

If they can move to defusing a given situation through effective crisis management techniques, this shows insight into their abilities, decisiveness, and communication skills. That’s a well-trained security guard, right there. They will make the best possible decision with as little disturbance and impact to your business. A security guard is protective not just of your property, but of your brand reputation as well.

What good security can do for your business:

  1. 24/7 on-site security on your property or commercial space.
  2. Enforcing restrictions and company regulations.
  3. Monitoring employee and visitor access.
  4. Managing the removal of trespassers, vagrants, or outsiders.
  5. Foiling and apprehending suspicious individuals.
  6. Ensuring customer support, safety, and protection.
  7. Crowd control, ticket, and traffic management.

Why we are the #1 Whangarei security agency?

  • Security guards are always eager to extend help. At Northern Districts Security, we do not just train security guards to watch over a property, but to respond to people in need and provide help during a crisis. They can administer first aid and call for the police when needed.

    For one, they get asked all kinds of questions by customers – mostly for information such as directions, business opening and closing hours, or some customers even ask for some assistance in getting to their cars safely in the parking lot.

When you decide to hire a security guard, choosing the right New Zealand security agency is the most important decision you can make.  Here at NDS, our security guards work as uniformed security personnel. We do static security guarding, foot patrols and vehicle patrol in Whangarei.

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