Security Guards Whangarei: Why Security is a Priority for your 2022 Goals?

We’ve gone through the intense pandemic years of 2020 to 2021 coping with the onslaught of COVID-19 and its many variants. Most businesses are gearing up for 2022, with recovery hopefully on track. We are all adjusting our everyday lives to the effects of Covid-19 and the traffic light alert levels.

It’s not another doom and gloom year, we are now seeing slivers of normalcy come into place. Offices, shops, and companies in Whangarei can but aim towards ‘business as usual’ knowing that if a lockdown occurs, Northern Districts Security can assist.

Now more than ever, there is more need for physical security.

Even in a pandemic you cannot underestimate the criminally-minded, they will continue to be a persistent threat. So the best way to deal with threats to your business, is to have security guards present and visible in your premises.

Of course, another issue would be making sure that social distancing protocols are followed inside your place of business. And that’s only possible if you have a vigilant and reliable security team.

Security guards as essential workers are responsible in enforcing many important health and safety guidelines. If you go around the many Northern Districts, from Whangarei to Kaipara and Dargaville, you will find that many social distancing situations await us – such as waiting in line, getting in a lift, entering a restroom, and shopping for supplies. How people are allowed in an orderly fashion is up to the security guards, their task is to effectively organise queues and control crowding. This is all about protecting people and avoiding the spread of the virus further into the community.

Whether your business is located in the Far North or somewhere between Kerikeri, you always have the option of an array of security services with Northern Districts Security.

Security should be a priority wherever you are based, and it should top the list of your 2022 goals. You can focus on these key areas:
Securing your valuables and assets.

For your Northland business’ survival, reduce threats by coordinating with your trusted security agency on the new control measures at work. Times are now different; what worked for your company pre-pandemic will not work effectively in 2022. There are new emerging threats to deal with and security guards are very much updated on how to deal with these intrusions.

Onboarding of employees about your current business guidelines on safety and security.

As workers may perhaps be transitioning from working remotely to being physically back at work, there will be as expected a period of adjustment. Do you require temperature checks to be undertaken? Or if you’ve change the ground rules on employee interactions such as conference room meetings or access to restricted areas. That said, security guards can remind employees what these new security rules are.

Upgrading your security measures.

The main reason for this is that it will help your security team to respond more effectively to incidents. Tracking the volume of people and traffic movements within your premise, it is crucial for security teams to plan out these concerns in advance.

Security protocols are not these one-off rules; you cannot just be lax about the next day. They are a series of concerted actions making sure your business stays safe from threats and the new problems that the pandemic brings about.

Whangarei Security Guards for 2022

If you are not keen on handling people and their behaviour on a daily basis, you can rely on the Northern Districts Security team to take care of that for you. NDS security guards can reduce untoward incidents and the spread of threats. Our NDS teams are thoroughly trained on many security techniques, plus they have spent a time honing their effective communication skills so they can deal with people from all walks of life.

Be way ahead for 2022 on your security plans! If you need further advice on security, we can definitely help- we take security very seriously. Give us a call today at Northern Districts Security at  NDS 0800 114 632 or email us


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