Security Fencing: Why You Need It?

It’s easy to think that your site, premise, or event does not need temporary security fencing. Our kiwi attitude of ‘she’ll be right’ is often engrained into the decision making we undertake.

Here however are a number of practical reasons why temporary security fencing in Whangarei and Northland isn’t just a good idea, but critical:

  • A temporary security fence is a clear sign for people to keep out. Whilst we may expect it to be so, as businesses and individuals we need to ensure no-one can infer lack of knowledge.
  • It’s not always about who’s inside the property, sometimes the safety concern also pertains to those rubbernecking outside. A temporary security fence can keep outsiders safe as well
  • Safety – This is the obvious benefit to temporary Security Fencing. Have a construction site where there are deep holes and trenches throughout the property. You do not want anyone from the public wandering into the site and an accident occurring.
  • Theft – Not having a security fence only creates an opportunity for people to casually enter and pilfer anything of value that they may see on site. A fence is a visual and physical barrier that eliminates the threat of intruders.

Secure your Whangarei property today! Our temporary security fencing is perfect for construction sites, vacant plots, sport fields, farms, land blocks, residential communities and commercial facilities.

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Our fencing type we have available is a premium protection for your perimeter – the 1.8 x 2.4m high construction fencing. We can supply and install this fencing product once you place an order, we’ll start putting up your security fencing within days.

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