Securing your Property from Trespassers in Whangarei

People may trespass into a Whangarei property for various reasons. Yes, often not for good reasons while some might have gotten lost or meandered accidentally into your land.

But for anyone’s safety, always keep a safe distance away from the trespasser. Instead you can issue a warning and holler over toward their directions to determine their reason for being in the property.

It’s quite hard to determine how dangerous the given situation is or how unstable this trespasser might be. That said, petty thieves and vandals would immediately run away. Lost hikers would simply ask for directions and move on out of the premises. Homeless individuals may attempt to camp out, but would leave when told to do so. But the dangerous kind of trespasser would be the one who refuses to bulge and even decides to challenge your authority as a landowner. These individuals may even take on a combative stance and seek to intimidate.

But if you have a Whangarei security patrol on duty, you can save yourself the constant hassle of having to deal with these individuals.

Moreover, a Whangarei security officer will take steps to determine whether this trespasser is a threat or a violent individual. They will then ask them to leave the premises immediately, and if they refuse to comply after a direct warning or even put up a fight, the local authorities can be called in.

But if the trespasser cooperates, a security officer can take the authoritative measure of escorting the trespasser out of the property, and giving them a fair warning not to return.

All these steps done by the Whangarei security team is to prevent any lawsuit against your business. Legally this falls under Premises Liability, and you can be sued if any individual (employee, guest or trespasser) gets injured inside your property. And no property owner wants to be at the receiving end of a costly lawsuit.

What makes an individual a trespasser?

Those with intent to trespass on any private land by forcing a gate open, those who choose to ignore ‘Do not enter’ private property signs and crosses over a perimeter fence.

The presence of trespassers causes great inconvenience to the property owner such as asset loss, property damage, and disruption of business operation. There’s also the issue of unlawful land use by trespassers such as camping out, farming of domestic animals or building a shelter.

But if you’re a property owner, coming into contact with a trespasser, this often leads to a full-blown confrontation. You don’t need the headache of dealing with these stubborn people.

Protect your land from trespassers. A Whangarei security vehicle patrol can help secure every corner of your property from any trespassing attempts.

What Whangarei Security Vehicle Patrols can do for you?

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