Retail Shops Security

Here’s a statistic worth considering: According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, more than $13 billion worth of merchandise is stolen every year from retail businesses. 

Besides keeping inventories well-stocked, one of the primary concerns when running a retail or commercial establishment is security.

A lack of visible security makes your retail store an easy target for criminality. Of course, calling the police is always an option, but their response time might take a while. In the few minutes that it takes for a crime to take place inside a store- you can be sure that shop merchandise is at stake, or in more serious circumstances staff wellbeing. Can you afford to take that risk?

When it comes to ‘retail hazards’, all of this is preventable. So it’s crucial to have a good security plan in place to prevent incidents of theft and violent crime, and more importantly, to keep your retail employees safe. By keeping employees safe, you will be more likely to retain and attract the best retail superstars.

Many small and medium-sized retail shops invest in adequate retail loss prevention strategies, and the first step on their list is hiring a retail security guard.

We all know New Zealanders love their shopping time, and they expect a personalised, safe and enjoyable retail experience every time they walk through your door.

Don’t let your store be an easy mark. Get Northern Districts Security professionals into the picture.

Cut your Retail Losses

Your retail sales staff are there to encourage and assist customers to purchase items. Keeping tabs on shoplifters or suspicious activity takes their attention away from boosting sales. 

Hiring a security team to keep an eye out on in-store activities is more efficient, as they can also represent your store, greet and welcome customers, and make sure everything is in place. That’s a lot of ground to cover in total. 

Additionally, there are various other duties our security team can provide such as:

  • Store survey and perimeter risk assessment.
  • Prevent theft, fraud, and shrinkage.
  • Closed-circuit monitoring.
  • Diffuse any volatile situations with customers.
  • Provide first-aid and assistance during a crisis situation.
  • Crowd control during high-traffic hours and retail sale periods.
  • Securing the exit points to ensure everyone that leaves made payments on their goods.
  • Coordinate with police and authorities in theft and criminal incidents.
  • Make store opening and closing times safe and efficient.
  • Can provide deposit courier services.

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