Retail Security Services – Keep your Whangarei Store Secure

Do you run a retail store in Whangarei? Do you run a business that sells hundreds of products and merchandise on-site? If this is your bread and butter, it’s very vital to invest in retail security services that protect your shop, products, and store staff.

Shoplifting is a common problem when it comes to retail locations. However, it’s not the only type of crime that troubles most businesses. There are other threats as well, such as:


This can go unnoticed for a long time since the nature of this petty theft is to steal items consistently over time. Active in-store security can spot this type of behaviour.


In the event of a natural disaster, riot, or unsocial behaviour, mobs will overrun a store and seize goods.


This is a high-adrenaline type of robbery where individuals can charge into a store, threaten store staff and run away with merchandise in a matter of seconds.

Armed robbery.

This is something we are all familiar with on the news, an assailant comes in with a gun with a clear intent to rob the cash register.

After-hours retail break-ins.

Thieves wait for closing time to do their burglary.

Vandalism and property damage.

Anyone from the street can simply walk in and start destroying property.

Store retailers lose millions every year to such criminal incidents, these are preventable losses that can be curbed and dealt with through an experienced and professional NZ security team.

Whangarei security guards can make their presence known in your store. Their visibility can make shopping feel safe and a pleasant experience for everyone. They are there to implement security solutions and make sure employees follow security guidelines.

A responsible security team can keep close watch of your retail store and they can also do the following:


When business is booming and sales staff are busy looking after customers, incidents of theft can be difficult to monitor. In fact, it can feel like a whole new job on its own that requires a lot of attention. Your first line of protection when it comes to retail security for your Whangarei shop is having reliable professional security in place.

Work with a security agency with a wealth of knowledge on retail and commercial security such as Northern Districts Security. Have the right team of uniformed or in-store undercover guards that are highly trained and customer-focused watching out for your business. Our goal is to improve your bottom line by preventing major losses.

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