North Haven Hospice – Proudly Working With Northern Districts Security

North Haven Hospice provides a vital service for patients who have a life-limiting illness. Throughout Northland, we care for hundreds of patients and offer support to their families and whanau.

We receive no government funding for the services we provide, so we rely on donations and earnings from our retail shops for their income. We’re grateful to work alongside a local Northland business like NDS, with a long-standing and successful partnership.

For a number of years, NDS have provided us with their specialist security services that are either at a discounted rate or 100% sponsored.

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North Haven Hospice – Caring For Northlanders In Need

Since 1985, the team at North Haven have supported people with life limiting illnesses, such as cancer. Each year we care for over 500 patients, whether it be out in the community or at the North Haven special unit. Our professional team provide professional and compassionate services like palliative care to our patients and support to the patients’ families/whanau.

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Security Services NDS Offers North Haven

We’re honoured to work with such a dedicated team as NDS, knowing that the services they provide us enable our team to do what we do best – caring for those with life limiting illnesses. With NDS offering security services, North Haven Hospice has one less thing we have to worry about.

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100% Sponsored Guard Patrols

NDS’s professional staff provide 24/7 guard patrols of the North Haven special unit and our two hospice stores in Whangarei and Waipu. This gives our staff the reassurance that a professional security team are on top of any potential or imminent security issues facing us or our property.
It’s also a relief to the patients and their families/whanau. The last thing they want to be bothered with is security, and that’s one worry we can remove for them.

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Blood Pick-Ups

Another vital service NDSs provide is a blood-pick up service. Blood tests are essential for us to be able to offer the highest level of care to our patients. With blood tests, time is of the essence, so it’s imperative that blood is transported quickly and efficiently. North Haven trusts NDS to pick it up when we need them to and deliver it in a timely fashion, so that our health professionals can gather vital information about our patients’ health.

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Discounted Service For Document Destruction

North Haven Hospice deal with a mountain of paperwork containing sensitive information about our patients’ health details. It’s essential that, when this paperwork is no longer needed, it is disposed of quickly and efficiently. We know we can rely on NDS to carry out destruction of such sensitive documents.

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Guard Pick Up Service

For an organisation that receives no government funding, Hospice’s retail shops are an essential source of our income. In order to ensure that the money we make from these shops goes to where it’s needed, NDS provides us a discounted service for collecting cash from our Hospice Shops.

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