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Protect your business from theft and secure your retail store merchandise by hiring a dependable static security guard through the trusted security agency in Auckland, Northern Districts Security.

Shoplifting has been, and is still a major problem in retail store operations. It goes by other terms such as theft, pilferage and shrinkage. These stand for in-store losses in varying degrees due to intruders or employees.

The 2018 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) says it all, incidents of shoplifting accounts for 36% of the inventory shrinkage of retail goods.

This will undoubtedly chip away at your store’s profits in the long term, this is an issue that requires your immediate attention. Leaving it to chance will only make it worse, as shoplifters will just get bolder and greedier in their attempts at theft.

Your business need not suffer from such unnecessary losses, there’s only one main adjustment you need which is to have a retail security expert visible in the store premises.

Here’s some security measures you can undertake to further protect your retail store:

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If you need a static security guard for your retail business, you can trust Northern Districts Security to provide the best highly experienced and fully trained security guards in Auckland, available for both static guard duty and mobile patrol units.

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