How to Choose the Best Security Agency in the Far North to Protect your Property?

On June 11 2021, a bunch of vandals hotwired a 20-tonne digger in Auckland and tore apart a brand new house. No security or cameras were set up at the construction site, giving the vandals free rein to be reckless and destructive. Sadly, the damaged home was just a month away from being handed over to its new Auckland owners. Property damage is a real threat. This sad and preventable incident is one example why companies should invest in proper security especially in areas such as the Far North.

For some businesses, security may seem like a drastic measure, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing your business and property are looked after by a professional Far North security agency.

To choose the best security agency for the job, you should investigate the following:

Type of security services offered

How extensive are their security services? Do they only have static security guards or do they also have security vehicle patrols? Can they customize a security plan for you?

The cost of security services

Are they practical and affordable? Is their price worth the security services they offer? Do they send an invoice weekly, monthly, or quarterly? What

Years of industry experience

How long have they been in operation? Are they highly-regarded in their field of security expertise?

Training regimen and security skill building programs

What kind of skill set training to their security teams undergo, and how often? Are their security guards certified?

Performance history and commendations

Do they have a long and positive relation with the community? Has their security service been publicly lauded or supported by institutions?

List of clients

Are their clients satisfied? Are there reviews and testimonials about their security services in the Far North?

The quality of their customer service

Most people tend to forget how important customer service is; you want a security agency that’s there for you, and not a company that puts you on hold when you need them. You need a security agency in the Far North that has the utmost sense of urgency for your security concerns.

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Seriously Consider Security for your Far North Business

Get in touch with a Far North Security Agency that can protect your business and property, we’re always ready for a security challenge here at Northern Districts Security. Though our security measures are inherently complex, we take our time to explain our security methods to our clients in simple and effective terms. We take care of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We do extensive security work for our Far North clients starting with a proper risk assessment, by presenting to you known and unknown threats to your business. This is then followed in turn through security planning and site implementation. We want your property secure and made safe through the skills and proactive stance of our elite security guards in the Far North.

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