How Security Guards can Prevent Theft at your Store in Northland

In the retail industry, shoplifting is a prevalent criminal offense.

Cameras, anti-theft tags, and sensors can help with security monitoring and set off alarms if they identify things that have not been paid for leaving the shop, but simply don’t stop the theft from occurring.

Any Northland store can lose money over time from theft. Keeping inventory, storing it, and moving it all costs and having items stolen can do a lot of damage to the store’s bottom line. If your Whangarei store has become an easy and quick target, it’s time to step up the security.

According to a US National Retail Federation survey, a total of $46.8 billion in retail losses is caused by theft, fraud, and inventory shrinkage- and the number of incidents increase yearly. Insider crime, such as shrinkage, pilferage, fraud, and credit card scams, can also result from a lack of protection in a retail environment. Small quantities of money can be stolen from the cash drawer or products can be stolen if a worker steals on a regular basis. Return fraud and gift check scams involve not ringing up purchases, not issuing receipts, and otherwise abusing the system. The retail store can suffer a significant loss if an employee is careless and fails to scan purchased items, which can result in unintended theft.

There are several ways to avoid retail crime and shoplifting in Northland, but the most important is to invest in security tools and procedures.

The first step in this equation is to be equipped with the proper security measures. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Video cameras in your store are a good idea so that you can record any unlawful activity that may occur. In addition to making it easier for the police to confront  and take to court these offenders, having evidence of their activity makes it easier.

These can help you spot discrepancies in payment transactions faster. Cashier actions that require manager approval, traceability with each sales ticket generated, and other loss protection measures on cash movements are all security features that are part of current market Point-of-Sales system. With this, it’s easier to discover anomalies in your daily store activities.

Security guards convey the sense that you take security very seriously, regardless of whether you hire one static security guard or a whole security team.

Security officers are well-trained to spot unusual behavior and will not interfere with customers’ enjoyment of the store. Prevent theft the more practical way as security guards can patrol and watch your store in order to deter shoplifters from stealing from it. Moreover, your store’s entrances and secret nooks are good places to put them up.
Deterring potential shoplifters with the knowledge that they would be caught is another benefit of having security agents on-site.

Improve your Retail Security in Northland

To strengthen your security, doing an initial risk assessment is one of the finest ways to go about it. A security representative from a competent security company such as Northern Districts Security can visit your store and conduct a thorough assessment of your current security system and protocols. As a result, we can offer our advice on how to prevent theft and our expertise in long-term security engagement, preventing other risk problems in the future.

Adding a security guard to your Northland store is a terrific method to improve customer service while ensuring the safety of your customers. When customers enter the store, security personnel are able to welcome everyone and keep an eye out for any questionable persons. Security can walk around the sales area to make sure it’s being watched properly, greeting customers and offering help if it’s needed.

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